Why Is Sunscreen Essential During Summer? How To Use? The Do’s And Don’ts

Sunscreen is essential during summer. People going out should apply sunscreen on the skin exposed to the sky and also carry sunscreen so they can reapply often. But how to choose the best sunscreen? Does Korean skincare have good sun protection products? You may have a lot of doubts about sunscreen. Here we try to clarify all and give authentic information about the usage of sun protection gels and creams.

  1. Is Sunscreen Necessary? In today’s world, where climate changes and heatwaves are common, dermatologists say any person above a year or even .5 years must use sunscreen when they go out. The significant adverse reactions through exposure to sunlight include loss of skin elasticity, brown spots, rashes, redness, tan, premature greying, wrinkles, skin cancer, cataract, sunburn, etc. The experts are worried that ultraviolet rays can penetrate the skin, reach the inner layers, and damage the cells, thus leading to skin cancer. It’s dangerous to expose bare skin to direct sunlight for long periods. The sunscreens from Sooni and Tommi’s total luxury cosmetic store are good enough to protect the face and body. You have products at all price ranges, and every sunscreen sold here is top-quality. Visit the link to get a better idea of the cosmetics they sell.

  2. What Is SPF? The Sun Protection Factor measures the degree to which your sunscreen will protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. For example, SPF 50 provides better protection than SPF 30. If you have bought an SPF 50+ sunscreen and applied a thin layer of it, then there is no use. Apply a good layer of sunscreen to cover all areas of your face and neck. It’s better to apply it to all skin exposed to the sun. A precise explanation of SPF is if you have an SPF 50 sunscreen, you get 98% protection, while lower SPF sunscreen offers little protection. It’s good to choose higher SPF during summer. People who had skin cancer earlier should use sunscreens with higher SPF. Direct sunlight exposure during the mid-day can be very harmful. It would significantly benefit your skin if you avoided outdoor time during mid-day. Going out, you should use a good quality sun protection product from Sooni and Tommi.

  3. The Right Way To Apply Sunscreen: Wash your face to remove all dirt. It’s good to use a mild face wash. If you want good skin protection, take ample sunscreen and apply it directly to the skin. Let the skin absorb the sunscreen. Experts advise using sun protection creams or gels at least twenty minutes before venturing into the sun. Please don’t go out in the sun during mid-day so that you will get Vitamin D. It’s a misconception as the rays are very harmful at noon. Long-time exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to sunburns, wrinkles, brown spots, or skin cancer. Nowadays, skin care professionals recommend people use sunscreen even while staying indoors. The heat through the window or door too can affect the skin. So please use mild or low SPF sunscreen when you are indoors.

  4. When To Apply Sunscreen? You should apply sunscreen twenty minutes before you go out. It’s a must that you should reapply the sunscreen every two hours. If you sweat a lot, it’s good to reapply every ninety minutes. Dermatologists are divided over whether to apply the sunscreen first or at the top of a moisturizer. The confusion comes when you are going to use makeup. If you use sunscreen over other cosmetics, there is a doubt that there is a barrier between sunscreen and skin. Similarly, when you apply it first and use other products at the top, some ask how it will protect us from the sun? It’s why many people apply nothing other than sunscreen on the skin. A BB cream with SPF is a good idea. It takes care of the roles of nourishment, moisturizing, foundation, and sunscreen. Overuse of sunscreen can clog your pores and even dry the skin, so switch to a moisturizer at night and avoid sunscreen during winter or cold days when the sun is not out.

  5. What Are The Disadvantages Of Sunscreen? When you combine sunscreen with other cosmetics, the odd chemical can cause an allergic reaction. Some chemicals in the sunscreen may not be suitable for your skin. It can cause itchiness, rashes, swelling, or redness, and low-quality sunscreens don’t provide the necessary protection they guarantee. Some use harsh chemicals which can affect your skin. So always buy good quality and branded sunscreens. Sooni and Tommi have an excellent collection. Why not visit the Aminobenzoic found in sunscreens can stain clothes, so you should check the ingredients list before purchasing. Korean beauty sunscreens are the best as they add a natural glow to the skin. Sunscreens start from 10 dollars, and it’s good if you buy one for this summer.

  6. Can We Apply Makeup Or Moisturizer With Sunscreen? Let’s make the question clear. If you ask, can we mix a dollop of sunscreen with a moisturizer and apply it to your skin, the answer is a big NO. But you can use a specific sunscreen that comes with a moisturizer. Some BB creams also have SPF protection. These products come after much research; hence, they work and achieve both purposes. People say it’s good to apply sunscreen as a top layer to get maximum protection. But please don’t combine sunscreen with other chemical cosmetics. It’s good to use sunscreen as a base for your makeup. But before that, please make sure will you clear all your makeup every two hours to reapply the sunscreen again. And if you apply sunscreen at the top of your makeup, will that give you a look you expect. So, think well before you decide.

We hope all this information will guide you in using the sunscreen correctly. It also helps you choose and purchase the sunscreen that suits your needs. Buy the best sunscreen by visiting the link.