Why Is It Not Right To Cover Facial Flaws With Makeup? How can Korean Skin Care Help You?


American skincare encourages us to cover our blemishes. Yes, it’s natural to have acne and wrinkles, and it’s okay to hide. But do you know the chemicals in makeup products are harmful? They can aggravate your acne and speed up aging signs. Sooni and Tommi always remind people that maintaining skin health is a must. Covering up and instant cures are not going to work. Instead, you need to work on your skin daily to age gracefully. Here we shall see some general side effects of makeup. You may already experience a few of these. But don’t panic; keep reading further to know how to come out of it.

Clogged Pores:  Firstly,  we shall see about the critical side-effect of makeup, the clogged pores. Many factors clog pores, like dirt and pollutants. Even the foundation, blush, powder (talc), and some comedogenic materials in your makeup products can clog pores. You may think that if you cleanse the face properly, there is no worry about pores. But makeup can penetrate the tiny holes on your face, sit safely inside it, and even escape cleansing. The clogged pores can later bring great trouble, like acne. Sub-standard makeup products also can affect the pores.

Acne: When makeup clogs pores, it can trigger acne. Some people use concealers to cover acne, but sadly sometimes that too can increase breakouts. People with acne usually have sensitive skin. So before you camouflage your skin with different creams, foundations, powders, and concealers, please check if it has any acne-causing ingredients. Korean skincare products suit sensitive skin. So, you can visit us to get some of our skin-friendly products. Furthermore, you can also try our unique products in the makeup category. They are harmless and suit sensitive skin.

Allergies: Face and eye makeup can have allergens like natural rubber, preservatives, dyes, fragrances, and metal. If you see any rashes or feel itchy, immediately wash your face, cleanse it, and pat dry. It is better to avoid the products again. Check out the ingredients list and determine which triggers the allergic reaction. Avoid those ingredients while buying future makeup products. If you get severe allergic reactions, please visit the dermatologist and get an immediate cure.

Dry Skin: Makeup products that have alcohol and other drying ingredients can make your face dehydrated and lifeless. You may use more creams and powders to conceal skin when skin becomes flaky. The further you keep using the chemicals, the more damage you face will have to face. Once it gets worse, you will see dry patches, and makeup will not blend easily. To counter it, you will often use many more layers of cosmetics to cover the darkness. Stop doing such foolish acts. Start your Korean skin care regimen today and restore your skin. Visit Sooni and Tommi to know more.

Premature Ageing: Pancakes, foundations, and powder can quickly dry your face and cause wrinkles. It affects collagen and elastin, causing your skin to sag very quickly. More allergic rashes from these products may often leave scars on the face. The more you use makeup, the quicker your facial skin will show aging signs. Things will worsen if you forget to remove and sleep with the makeup. After some time, the skin can never be restored to its original state. Please react before things go out of hand.

Remedies From Sooni And Tommi: Lastly, we shall see how we can avoid makeup and still be presentable. We have many products to protect your face from chemical-based makeup. You can try cleansing water, lip balm, BB cream, mascara, and eyeliner from Sooni and Tommi. They are more natural and are suitable for the skin. But the best way is to start following the Korean skin care regimen. It will give you clear and healthy skin. You may no longer need makeup when you have Korean skin care products. Visit Sooni and Tommi now to check out our natural face care products.

Start your skin care regimen today. It’s the best choice to get healthy skin. You will see the difference in two weeks. By the way, don’t worry about buying quality Korean skin care products. Just visit Sooni and Tommi to get all the top-class authentic Korean products.