Double cleansing is the first step of a Korean skincare regimen. You need two types of cleansers to start the regimen. But how will you choose your product without knowing the different types of cleansers? Double cleansing keeps your face clean and makes it less prone to breakouts. It reduces excess oil and prevents allergic reactions. The cleansing step will let you maintain blemish-free skin. You cannot skip the step because it’s the base of a Korean skincare regimen. Today Sooni and Tommi will let you know the different types of cleansers and the benefits of each kind.

Gel Cleansers: Sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin benefits more from gel-based cleansers. The gel helps unclogs the pores and remove the excess oil. It dries out the skin but keeps it hydrated and healthy. It also soothes the redness and burns and reduces inflammation of an acne-prone face.

Oil Cleansers: The Korean oil-based cleansers from Sooni and Tommi are good at removing the makeup, dirt and dead cells clogging your pores. It will help you get a blemish-free skin free of black and whiteheads. The oil cleansers remove excess sebum and keep you fresh.

Cleansing Bars: The unique facial cleansing bars are gentle on the skin and have many benefits. It prevents and heals acne, cleanses the skin, prevents skin ageing signs, and gives you blemish-free skin. Some of you may not be comfortable with gel, oil or cream cleansers. If you like bar cleansers, you can add them to your daily routine.

Clay Cleansers: Acne-prone skin may find clay cleansers very helpful. Clay naturally attracts all the impurities and gives you clear skin. There are different clays like Kaolin clay, fuller earth and bentonite clay. Each has its pros and cons. Choose a clay cleanser that suits you. It will do wonders on your skin.

Micellar Cleansers: Most women use Micellar cleansers at night to remove the makeup, pollutants and dirt from the day. It also gives you smooth and supple skin. It also eradicates dark spots and heals blemishes. The Korean Micellar cleansers also effectively and gently remove the tan.

Foam Cleansers: The foaming cleansers are gentle on the skin. They can deep cleanse your skin and give you a fresh face. It reduces oil buildup and also exfoliates the face. It suits all skin types and goes well with oil-based or gel-based cleansers in the double cleansing step of a Korean skincare regimen.

Cream Cleansers: People with dry skin cannot use cleansers that further dry the skin’s surface. They can try the cream cleansers. The cream cleanser keeps your face hydrated and moisturized while removing sunscreen, makeup and dirt.

Cleansing Balms: The thick creamy cleansers never strip your natural oils but cleanses the skin deeply. If you have dry skin, the cleansing balms are great to try. The Banila Co Clean It Zero cleansing balm from Sooni and Tommi cleanses and hydrates your skin, keeping it healthy.

Powder Cleansers: The most significant advantage of powder cleansers is that they have fewer preservatives. Apart from cleansing the powder cleansers also exfoliates your skin. It increases cell turnover and gives a radiant glow.

As per the Korean skin care regimen, you must use two daily cleansers. Choose the face cleanser that suits you the most. Visit Sooni and Tommi now to buy your Korean face cleanser