Secrets To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs In Two Months

Have you ever worried about the black dots on your legs? If you shave your hair or use depilatory creams, you will have this problem. Over time it may look awkward, and you will feel bad wearing shorts or skirts. Regular body lotions or moisturizers don’t help remove the dots. Home remedies are futile too. It’s called strawberry legs, and we can quickly treat skin problems. It’s a skin problem where the hair follicles are blocked because of dust, dead skin, oil, topical creams, or even bacteria. Some people have it in their arms and hands too. But don’t worry, the condition is not permanent, and here we shall see the remedies for strawberry legs, aka Keratosis Pilaris:

Epilators: Shaving is the leading cause of strawberry legs. When you shave with old razors that are not sharp, you will get the problem. You will probably get the strawberry legs problem when you aren’t using shaving creams. Razor burns can cause infections like folliculitis or even ingrown hairs. To avoid all these problems, invest in good quality epilators. It removes the hair from the roots, so it’s completely safe. If not, you can also go for waxing.

Moisturizer: Dry skin makes strawberry legs look worse. When you shave dry skin, you will irritate the follicles, affecting the pores. So, it’s good to moisturize your skin. Sooni and Tommi have a comprehensive collection of moisturizers and body lotion. Visit them now to grab one that suits your skin. Moisturize your legs and hands daily. Lactic acid body lotions or moisturizers are perfect for treating strawberry legs.

Salicylic Or Glycolic Acid Body Wash: If you have darkened pores, the quick and safest way to get rid of them is a salicylic acid body wash. You can also go for a glycolic acid body wash or soap. Pair it with salicylic acid-based body

lotion. The combination can also treat acne, bumps, and dark spots on your body. If you are looking for natural options, go for aloe vera gel. Visit Sooni and Tommi to buy some good body wash and add it to your daily skincare routine. Many people take care of their faces but fail to protect their skin. Please take care of your skin, as many skin infections can turn into deadly skin cancer in no time.

Skin Exfoliation: Exfoliate your skin weekly once with a good scrub. It also prevents ingrown hairs. Sooni and Tommi have some excellent exfoliators. You can also try the pumice stone, as it’s very good at removing dead cells and it helps unclog the pores. It’s good to exfoliate your skin two days before hair removal and a week after the process.

Permanent Hair Removal: If you wish to put an end to strawberry legs due to hair removal, please visit a dermatologist. They will help you to go for permanent hair removal. Laser skin removal is a better option, but it has side effects. So, consult your doctor and think well. Now we have at-home hair removal options that remove the hair permanently. But it’s good to get professional help for better results.

Sooni and Tommi is the best cosmetic store in America to buy skin care products. Follow a good skincare routine, and you will soon have blemish-free hands and legs. Strawberry legs can go away in three to eight weeks if you follow the tips correctly.