Save Your Skin From The Pollutants Of Wild Fire | Easy To Follow Tips


We all know that air pollution affects our skin badly. The American Academy of Dermatology says the recent California wildfires have worsened the situation. In a New Orleans annual meeting, dermatologists had tips to protect your skin, especially the more exposed face. Atopic dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis symptoms flare up because of the polluted environment. Wildfire pollution is more dangerous than industrial air pollution regarding skin health. Can moisturizing and sunscreen help you? What do Sonni and Tommi have to say about the current scenario? Let’s see.

Use A Air Purifier At Home: The air pollutants may enter your home and spoil your daily life. Keep you and your family safe by investing in a quality air purifier. It filters the impurities from the smoky air. Apart from skin protection, it also helps protect your lungs and respiratory tract. Get expert suggestions for choosing the right filter for your home. If you live closer to the smoke, nothing can work. It would help if you had alternative plans, like moving out of your home for some time.

Stay Indoors: When the wildfire is raging, people in nearby areas should stay inside their homes. It is not right to go out unnecessarily and damage your skin. Even if you have a quality air purifier, closing the windows and doors is better to stop air pollutants from entering your sweet home quickly. Even houses far away from the wildfire will experience poor-quality of air. Check the air quality index to understand your environment better and plan things accordingly.

Take Precautions If You Have Skin Disease: People with skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis must care much. The pollutants and the heat can exacerbate their skin issues. Even people without skin issues may feel extreme dryness and itchiness. The data says there was a steep increase in people visiting dermatologists for skin diseases immediately after the California wildfire. So, consult your doctor, keep all the medicines, and follow a regimen properly, so you don’t get into more trouble.

Cover The Skin When You Go Out: If you have to go out, please cover your skin with cloth, a hat, or whatever you can imagine. Reduce your skin exposure to a bare minimum so that the pollutants cannot affect you. Wash your clothes and take a shower once you return home. Use good quality sunscreen so that the environmental heat doesn’t affect your skin. Similarly, even if it rains, stay out of it as it may bring down the pollutants with it. Try avoiding venturing out, especially when you have skin issues.

Follow Sooni And Tommi Korean Skin Care Regimen: If you follow a proper Korean skin care regimen, it’s easy to protect your skin. Korean beauty products deeply hydrate your skin, and the cleansing routine ensures the pollutants don’t clog your pores or stick to your skin. Healthy skin can find such sudden attacks. You can get all Korean skin care products from Sooni and Tommi. Start following the seven-step or ten-step Korean skin care regimen and strengthen the skin barriers. Choose intense cleansers and scrubs, soothing toners and serums, so your skin remains clean and healthy.

Topical Antioxidants: Try topical creams like Vitamin C and Niacinamide, to reduce the free radicals and improve the collagen level. An antioxidant-rich food also helps your skin and overall health. You get a lot of cleansers and serums with antioxidants in Sooni and Tommi. Why not try the blueberry series from Innisfree? The Plabeau plasma skin care device at Sooni and Tommi is the best if you have already damaged skin. If nothing works and your skin worsens, immediately visit a dermatologist and get professional treatment.

Besides skin diseases, premature aging is a side effect of smoke-polluted air. So, get anti-aging moisturizers and gels from Sooni and Tommi. You can also try the Missha Time Revolution set for quick results. Follow us for more updates and tips.