Plaskin Plasma Skin Care Device

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PlaBeau – Plasma Beauty Device
The PlaBeau is the most powerful in the PlaSkin line of products. The aluminum body, larger ceramic head and boosted plasma ion-generation makes the PlaBeau the most effective at-home skin treatment system on the market. It is ideal for both face and body, and tough-to-treat skin conditions.


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  • Plasma Technology: Bring out the best in your skin. PlaSkin treats skin conditions at the source – deep down in your skin and at the cellular level, making it the most effective at-home treatment system on the market.
  • The Benefits of Using PlaSkin:Plasma technology has been used for decades in the medical field for its disinfectant properties as well as in household appliances such as air fresheners, but has been in the spotlight as a revolutionary medical skin treatment for chronic skin conditions and healing aid. PlaSkin’s cutting edge research team of doctors and scientists made it the first device to successfully incorporate plasma technology into a home skincare routine.

36 reviews for Plaskin Plasma Skin Care Device

  1. serenalik76

    Easy to use! Can tell a difference already.

  2. dana8644

    Good, works easily

  3. whitneyfo

    It’s 10 minutes every day, but my skin seems to change little by little. I’m not sure, but I try to use it every day.

  4. urasickk22

    I always carry plaskin!!

  5. lovjkyoo3

    My life is changing!!! My acne is gone!!

  6. abrilliana31

    My cream absorbs better after using this. My face tone has become brighter.

  7. tashashin

    Recently purchased this for my tired eyes i’ve already noticed a different in my wrinkles around my eyes Game changer Whoever is concerned about wrinkles around their eyes and not wanting to pay a lot of money for high-end procedures definitely order this

  8. serina787

    My friend recommended it. She already have good skin. I will have good skin.

  9. claraheym2

    It said it was good for atopy. I bought it for my son. I want my son to stop pain.

  10. meenakasy

    I use it every day and my skin feels really thick. A lot of itching skin has disappeared.

  11. sandaraguashi

    Fast shipping!! And I love this PINK!! Thank you!

  12. irene46

    My friend’s acne is almost gone. I didn’t believe it at first. She used this for 3 months. I bought.

  13. oliviasaik

    I bought another one to give to my mom. Now mom will have smooth wrinkles too.

  14. vanesayi

    I got a pink PLABEAU. The real thing is more luxurious than the picture.

  15. melodycrob

    If you use cosmetics after using it, it absorbs really well. Makeup goes well.

  16. amycrafter

    No skincare products were effective for my acne. This definitely works. My face is different from before.

  17. haidy

    It’s said that it works when used every day, but it doesn’t work quickly, so I can’t use it well. People who have been using it for a long time are amazing.

  18. norahkakemen

    I bought this after thinking about it with a large plasma device. Really good. I think bigger would be better.

  19. sarasei

    Because of atopy, my skin was itchy and sensitive, so it was difficult to sleep. I’ve been using this and it’s gotten incredibly better. I have been using it for 2 months and the itching is almost gone.

  20. haidyjuic

    After using it, your skin definitely gets softer. Next, if you put a mask pack on your face, your skin becomes very moist. It’s really good to use before a special day.

  21. heejinkkk

    This device really works. I was really surprised when I applied my cream. I use it in the morning and when I apply my cream, it moisturizes all day long.

  22. Kee4203

    My all time favorite beauty device ever.
    Bit priacy, but its performance is amazing
    Every time i use it, i am actually happy. I enjoy it. This help refine skin texture, brightening up, wrinkle, acne, eczema, and dark spot. In addition to that, it helps me abosrb my skin regimen, getting real result ever.
    If you are interested in skin care, this is the one.

  23. Rodriguez

    This is so fascnating. This one gives me instant result.
    I would say in terms of refining and roughness.
    it is worth buying

  24. hellina

    I love this skin worker.
    it helps me with everything.
    acne, redness, and roughness
    I would recommend it
    worth buying

  25. peaceout

    i feel more confident with this special skin tool.
    it is not temporarily improvement but it actually improves skin over all.
    wrinkle, brightening , and lifting
    would recommend it .

  26. franchesca

    My Favorite skin tool.
    All i need in skin care is this special device.
    It helps improve my skin in many ways. From ance to clear, from dark skin to bright skin.
    i am satisfied.

  27. beautyskin.

    I don’t use much skin care products.
    i just keep everything simple and plus this skin care routine.
    it helps me a lot with skin condition over all.
    acne, redness and any redness on and off.
    if you want to take care of your skin with simple steps but effective, this is the one.
    worth buying.

  28. Promotion8282

    Cool device.
    It works great for acne.
    I don’t have to go look for another acne skin care products anymore.
    Worth buying

  29. gottabegoing

    No time for 10 steps skin care routine, but with this,
    I can take care of mine effectively
    it works great.

  30. suarez

    the best skin tool especially for acne prone skin.
    it uses plasma natural light and it does not have any side effects but heal skin effectively.

  31. Onlygood

    It works great for my acne prone skin.
    Amazing tool
    Just invest 5 mins daily
    I got so much better
    Worth it.

  32. tkadidehd88

    The best ever!
    it calms my skin a lot in many ways
    ance, redness, and dehydration

    bit piracy but worth it.

    the best skin care tool for busy life

  33. gkfajsl99

    portable skin gadget !
    i can take this wherever i go .
    Good one
    especially for acne and dark spot for me
    would recommend it.

  34. elize

    Good skin care device.
    I had acne covered all over, but I used it 2 times a day for 2 months.
    It helped me a lot with that.
    I am busy everyday. Using it 5 mins everyday was more effective than layering products over.

  35. Goodbye

    what an amazing tool for skin care for acne.
    I use it twice a day.
    I had been with acne for a long time and i had tried most good products for acne prone skin type.
    They helped , but this one showed me the fastest results ever !
    highly recommended

  36. you are who you are

    My mom bought it for me for acne.
    I am trying to use as described, and seeing results.
    less break out but more joy when it comes to skin care.
    less stress for sure.
    3 to 10 mins daily after washing face and follow my skin care routine.
    nothing fancy skin care but effective
    Highly recommended

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Plaskin Plasma Skin Care Device