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  • Plabeau therapy for recovering skin barrier into the clearer skin.
  • Skin pigmentation after inflammation: Plabeau recovers damaged skin barrier balance to be reborn as clear skin.
  • Anti-Aging Plabeau by filling up collagen into skin layer.
  • Ions from Plabeau (plasma) densely inject new collagen into skin layer to enhance skin resilience, reduce wrinkles and enhance skin tone.
  • Plabeau proposing solutions to the modern problematic skin.
  • Fine dust and environmental pollution irritating skin every day. Plabeau is a personal beauty device at home that will keep your delicate skin against pollutants and stress from life.
  • Plaskin can recover skin barrier, whitening, reduce wrinkles, and increase skin resilience.
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74 reviews for PlaBeau Plasma Skin Care Device (ACNE, ECZEMA, SCAR, LIFTING, DARK SPOT, WRINKLE CARE) For BODY & FACE

  1. mariahsong89

    I bought this because of my son’s atopy and use it every day. Thanks for getting a little better.

  2. karanaicurei

    Thanks for the fast and safe shipping.

  3. keissle94

    It’s more expensive than Plaskin, but I think it’s a good buy. I will use it for a long time.

  4. jamie97

    I bought the big one. I will use it every day.

  5. melisahnm21

    My friend used this and then became a different person. Finally I bought it too. I love it!!!

  6. agelinawou11

    Nice packaging!!! Very good working!! Thank you!

  7. magaretace59

    My friend’s son completely cured his acne with this. It’s also great for skin lifting. Why did I only find out now?

  8. catheringrag

    My itchy and dry skin has improved a lot. It seems to smooth out my wrinkles as well.

  9. helenclark11

    Did a lot of research prior to purchase and this is the best home care product you could own! Looking forward to having glowing, refreshed smooth skin!

  10. esthercok29

    I used it on an itchy area because of a wound, but the itchiness went away. I think my skin is regenerating. I will have smooth skin.

  11. rosemaryk73

    I saw my friend’s Plaskin and bought a better one. It’s definitely more upscale and works better. Very good.

  12. angelicakay3

    Great for skin care. It’s much more useful than all skin care products, in principal.

  13. codeliakar38

    I am very happy to have this and I love using it! I actually do this while I watch TV or have my coffee in the mornings (on the weekends).

  14. aprillsole

    I asked for an explanation by e-mail, thank you for your kind reply. I received the product well and will use it well. Thank you.

  15. rosalee

    My son had a very serious eczema. When I tried using the hospital and medicine, it didn’t work. Then I discovered this. My son’s skin really improved after using it for three weeks. Thank you.

  16. goodagoose

    The texture of the skin changes even with just one use of this device. I use my moisturizer and it’s very different from before. I feel like my skin is getting softer.

  17. kikiaroma

    It took a long time to get into the habit of doing it every day. But now I can see that my skin has improved noticeably. Especially when you put on a mask pack after use, your skin becomes extremely soft.

  18. Shakira

    I tried just few times.
    I have redness.
    I am already seeing it getting better.
    Loved it.

  19. sandrajuk

    I’ve been using it for two weeks. I’m getting better little by little every day. So I look forward to using it every day.

  20. Camila77

    I had a lot of radness on my face. It’s gotten a lot better. Meeting plabeau is the best. I strongly recommend it.

  21. Skin4ever

    Plasma light does a lot of jobs.
    This special device helps me go through severe redness.

  22. clair

    I am the one who actually switched it over it from pla skin.
    I think this is more powerful than the small one.
    I can highly recommend whatever skin concern you are going through.
    Thumbs up !

  23. mariyans

    My friend recommended it, so I used it without much expectation. My skin tone got brighter and the pimple decreased a lot. It absorbs cosmetics well after use.

  24. Bman

    It takes me to the next level moisturizing.
    This is only reason i am using. If i have enough moisture, it would cover everything !

  25. Kholic12e

    This is my an ultimate solution to all skin concern.
    It fixes everything.
    I just love it

  26. Samuel

    This is amazing.
    I had had acne pron skin, but ever since i started using this everyday,
    I got so much better

  27. Noregret

    This works well for me.
    I just run to it whenever i have skin trouble.
    It calms and get my skin better

  28. haidkarman

    The product was delivered yesterday. If I use it continuously, I think my skin will be really good.

  29. Gill

    It is just an amazing device. I am just happy when i use it before getting ready. I do normally 5 mins, but still it works just great for acne skin.

  30. panny

    my ultimate hack to all skin troubles.
    i just use it when i need.
    it works just great. i don’t need to see doctors.
    If money is not a problem, i would recommend it.

  31. Miracle

    I had bad redness.
    I’ve used it for 2 months.
    I got so much better.
    I would recommend it whoever going through any skin trouble.

  32. Teara7777

    I had been struggling with acne for a long time.
    This device helps me with that a lot.
    I can’t talk about such a good improvement on my skin without it

  33. nicole

    I like this device so much.
    it helps me with my acne and others overall.
    when my skin get irritated, i just look for this device.
    plasma light works well on my skin !

  34. Healerr17

    This helps my 8 yrs old kid with eczema a lot.
    I can recommend it to my neighbor with the same skin struggle.

  35. Pizzalover82

    Favorite skin care device ever,
    After washing my face, using it for 5 to 10 mins shows me dramatic improvement.
    Love it.
    Worth it buying.

  36. prez

    amazing products.
    i had acne covered all over my face.
    It soothes most of them and i got so much better.
    I would recommend it to acne prone skin.

  37. Pitea

    My the best skin care tool
    I ever had.
    It actually cures everything.
    Acne, redness, fine lines, and it helps absorb better whatever i am using.
    Thums up !

  38. Skinholic

    Amazing skin worker.
    Easy to use
    It helps me with clearing all the spot i had because of acne.
    I don’t use any other cream for my skin concern.
    I saw a drametic result.

  39. Yuna

    My ultimate skin care tool.
    It is amazing.
    It brightens my skin and clear.
    Bit pricy, but worth buying i would say

  40. Skin345

    This is my joy.
    I try to use it everyday for better skin.
    It has helped me a lot
    Acne, dark spkt, etc.
    It is worth buying.

  41. picolon88

    new resolution for 2023 new year.
    with this an amazing device, i will take care of my skin everyday.
    it helped me with acne in the last year.
    i am looking forward to seeing more results.

  42. Girlfriend

    powerful device.
    it has brightened me a lot !
    i’ve using it for 3 months now.
    worth buying it.

  43. pritel

    It helps me with better absorption.
    IT really does and it brightens me a lot, which i like the most.
    it is worth buying.

  44. Youngandfree

    I would rather have this skin tool. I’ve tried mamy different products, but this one gives me good results only.
    Acne , higly recommend it

  45. Recommendation 82

    Highly recommend it for good skin everyday.
    Good for wrinkle reduction, better skin care products absorption, and brightening.
    I am not worried about any skin concern with it.

  46. forever young ?

    It is a perfect skin tool for maintenance.
    It covers acne, wrinkles, line, and brightening.

  47. everythingisquickquickquick

    It is the best and magical skin tool for those who is busy all the times.
    no time for 10 steps skin care but still want to take care of skin effectively.
    this is it.
    bit pricy but worth it.

  48. shakira

    The best skin tool for acne prone skin.
    I got clear so much better.
    i just use this everyday 5 mins to 10 mins after washing.
    with little time, it helps me a lot in many ways.

  49. time to shine 88

    I like how much this device comes in handy.
    I just use it after washing 2 to 5 mins.
    my acne prone skin got so much better.
    I am seeing results.
    I higly recommend it to anyone if interested in skin care.

  50. sttlcs

    It actually works
    my acne prone skin got better so much with this.
    It is not just advertisements
    It does many jobs.

  51. we are the one

    This is multi skin tool
    I just love how this one treats every possible skin concerns.
    acne, eczema, wrinkles, lines, dullness, and dark spots.
    5 to 10 mins after washing face.
    It just works perfectly

  52. superwoman

    I am satisfied.
    It covers from brightening to wrinkle.
    Most of all, I like how fast this device shows me changes.
    fast results !

  53. youcandoitspirit

    It feels like this one is more powerful than the other.
    It just works great for any break out, lines, wrinkles, and brightening.
    Bit high but I think it it worth it.

  54. piercing

    It feels like this one is more powerful than the other.
    It just works great for any break out, lines, wrinkles, and brightening.
    Bit high but I think it it worth it.

  55. wjdakfdldi 89

    A portable skin care device !
    It works great for brightening for me and it helps absorb better
    I can recommend it

  56. tkfkdgkqslek 88

    The best skin tool especially for acne and speedy treatment when my skin get irritated.
    worth it.

  57. ellika

    The best acne treatment ever.
    i’ve tried a lot of products but never a single device.
    This has opened my eyes for new tech for skin care.
    It actually works great.
    I just tried 10 mins for the first 2 weeks and extended it to 2 times a day.
    I got so much better.
    I don’t have to look for another skin care products, knowing that it may not work for me.
    With this, I can combat against acne.
    I am loving it

  58. 4line

    I don’t do much for my skin but this.
    One toner, a moisturizer , and sunscreen and this.
    This helps me with discoloration and brightening and dark spots
    I just love it.
    I can highly recommend it.

  59. ohnanana

    The best instant skin care device.
    It works great on dark spot for me.
    Of course, It takes time but got so much better with that.
    I highly recommend it

  60. onlygooddream

    The best skin tool I ever used.
    I have acne type of skin.
    I break out on and off.
    all i need is that after washing, I turn if on and hover this on my face.
    I just get better right away.
    I can recommend it.

  61. tlssk

    The best skin device ever,
    I am using it for my ance.
    I have tried many different kind skin care for acne
    they were good.
    this device showed me faster results and is more sustainable than skin care products for me.

  62. more and more

    I use it every single day day and night for acne for 6 months now.
    It has helped me with that a lot
    now i have completely different clear skin. I am happy.

  63. whgdk

    The best skin tool.
    I am using it for redness.
    I got so so much better with it and it is still improving.
    I don’t regret paying this amount because it is way more worth it than going to see a doctor any pay for prescribed skin care and medicine.
    highly recommended

  64. DND

    The best skin device i ever used.
    Especially good for brightening ( dark spot) and acne.
    highly recommend
    it still cost a lot, but better than going see dermatologist

  65. wont lie

    what a stunning skin care device!
    Every day , I use it for acne and dark spot !
    I am seeing results !
    highly recommended

  66. good routine

    I am using it for acne.
    I am seeing results , i am about 2 months use.
    daily use and i follow my skin care routine.

  67. aletmqslek.

    I am using it for my on and off acne prone skin.
    It helps me a lot with that.
    2 x a day after washing 5 mins each, and follow your skin routine.

  68. life is beautiful

    Great performance.
    I bought it for my acne problem.
    been to quite many different to dermatologists.
    they helped me, but once i stopped, all came back. however, this special device has come in handy.
    time and money saved.
    Good results.
    everyday, 3 to 10 mins.
    It took my skin to the next level .
    highly recommended

  69. Thank you always

    This is my joy in the journey of skin care.
    I use this everyday. It has cleared my face. I look clearer than ever !
    I has helped me with dark spot care as well.

  70. citirus

    every day use of it helps me a lot with my every single skin trouble
    especially acne

  71. not losing anything.

    i love this amazing tool.
    I do this every night.
    I am seeing a lot different results.
    from acne care , brightening, even skin tone etc.
    it is so beneficial.
    highly recommended

  72. Wkwkdausajrrhtlvsp

    all I need for my skin care is this device and moisturizer and sunscreen.
    I am getting actual results.
    got so much better with acne especially.

  73. head to foot

    The best skin care device.
    I started using this for acne prone skin.
    I had it for such a long time.
    2 x a day i got so much better with acne.
    The light ( plasma ) kills bed germs and infection with its light.
    It is natural light.
    no side effect.
    highly recommended

  74. bday

    What amazing skin device.
    I use it for acne prone skin.
    i’ve tried lots of products. most of them worked pretty well.
    However, this is the most satisfying.
    easy and more effective. no time consuming and time saver as well..

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