Etude House Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream

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13 reviews for Etude House Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream

  1. heesue99

    The consistency of this cream is soo good!! Its lightweight yet so hydrating and soft. I was a bit surprised by the way it lets the cream out but i actually think its quite nice. Anyways i cant recommend this enough

  2. Camryuni22

    Decent cream. However, I feel like it’s too occlusive for the face, it broke me out. However, my sister used it on her face, and she was fine. I use it for my hands during the colder months, and it’s perfect for that.

  3. mauiford121

    This moisturizer has been perfect. It’s not greasy and disappears into my skin while hydrating. I’ll definitely repurchase

  4. Cami5996

    Cannot believe the price of this high quality moisturizer! I was using Dr Jart ceramidin cream($$$) for years because it was the only thing that helped my dry skin in the winter. This cream is now in my top spot for a fraction of the price. Just stocked up on 3 more- I never want to run out of this!

  5. tonyukoni

    This cream is a thicker consistency which feels great and hydrating. You don’t have to use too much either which is wonderful. It is very soothing, I have sensitive skin and this caused no irritation whatsoever, it is a gentle cream. I feel at ease using it as looking for moisturisers with my skin type can be difficult.

  6. Camaiharu855

    My holy grail. This moisturiser is so hydrating and helps with my skin so much during the winter. Helps so much with keeping my face and skin soft and smooth!

  7. Camulywui12

    The texture of this moisturizer is great but it tends to sit on top of my skin and only sink in after several minutes. At first I tried “blending” it in, but i’m afraid its just getting on my hands and not actually moisturizing my skin. wouldn’t recommend for dry skin.

  8. rosemoru55

    This is the second time I repurchased this moisturizer! To be honest the texture is not super “thick” as it sounds, but it is really moisturizing for my dry skin. I love the simple & clean ingredients in this product!

  9. tamijason124

    The days where I am busy and running out of time, I use this and this leaves my skin seems like I did a whole skincare. My skin loves this moisturiser and doesn’t react badly or offset the effects of my skincare

  10. tamianice12

    one of my go to moisturisers for my night time routine. i always double cleanse and then apply this and it usually makes my skin feel good the next day! it hasnt made me breakout and feels soothing when i apply. even though it says intensive, it feels very lightweight and easily absorbed.

  11. Teara

    It works well in winter.
    My skin gets dry so much in the season.
    It helps me with that a lot.

  12. Loveholic

    Good face cleanser
    Gentle and soft.

  13. onlygoodskin

    It deserves what this gets on social media.
    it is so moisturizing and calming.
    No break out but repair

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Etude House Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream