Dr Jart+ Cicapair Serum 30ml

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What it is: A rescue serum that improves sensitive skin. What it does: Perfect for sensitive, damaged, and sensitive dry skin, this serum features Multi Centella Asiatica and Green Repair her... read more


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What it is:

A rescue serum that improves sensitive skin.

What it does:

Perfect for sensitive, damaged, and sensitive dry skin, this serum features Multi Centella Asiatica and Green Repair herbs to provide instant and effective inner soothing to recover skin condition. Its watery texture is lightweight but provides intense soothing effects without greasiness.

27 reviews for Dr Jart+ Cicapair Serum 30ml

  1. arianaotis

    Tried expensive brands, drug store brands of moisturizers, and oils, but it was this that started to heal it. Now my skin is finally healing.

  2. allisonheal

    Great product. It makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth, and actually does take away some of my natural redness.

  3. rubythyn

    This serum is part of my everyday beauty routine. My skin has changed to becoming softer and brighter and glowing! I love it!

  4. gabriella354

    It’s a necessity if you have easily irritated skin! Mine is always getting red and with in minutes this cica serum clears it up. It’s a good serum.

  5. kaylat79

    I was a bit weary of this product, as heavily scented products tend to irritate my skin, but this serum actually did wonders for me. After cleansing and toning, this serum really made my skin super bouncy and supple. The smell is amazing too. I only use this one at night, however. It is on the pricier side, but it is worth it.

  6. heejinyy5

    At first I was so hesitant to buy this product because of the price. Bought my first bottle two weeks ago, and now my skin looks supple. Irritation and red marks were subsiding. Best to use with Cicapair Facial Wash and Gel Cream!! It really helped my skin look better!

  7. mary889

    best serum for sensitive skin
    My skin has been very sensitive lately and this serum has helped it very much. I have recommended to other ppl as well and they love it.

  8. athath15

    I used this with the cream and my skin was so happy … could see the effect the next day and I never broke out. It also really helped with redness

  9. kayl3389

    Amazing! Cooling, calming and hydrating! Lasts a really long time too!

  10. Camilia99

    My skin is so sensitive/ red and this has been so good for me!! Feels so good and my redness has gone down sooo much. Definitely recommend this for those people who have red irritated skin!

  11. iafulton344

    If I overdo the acids at night or a peel I put this on my face and it soothes my skin!

  12. haid236

    This product absorbs and calms topically, like a gel on a sunburn. It’s clean, and provides instant relief. I was dealing with a tea tree oil burn on my face, my cheek bones at the eye sockets were chapped and bleeding from the burn. Now my skin is finally healing.

  13. cally

    I love dr. jart brand and it is my favorite.
    It helps me with building skin barrier even stronger.
    I would buy it again

  14. Kkee

    This has helped me with weekend skin barrier a lot. Now, i am satisfied with now result for sure.
    Would recommend it.

  15. Noacne

    I love this serum.
    It helps me with my weakened skin barrier

  16. Gumhejim

    This special serum work great on my skin.
    I was sensitive and had redness on and off.
    It helped me with building better skin barrier

  17. Thumbs up

    The best serum i ever had.
    It helps me with building better barrier.
    It soothes my redness.
    I am satisfied.

  18. Saluman82

    The best serum
    Affordable but effective
    Good for sensitive and weakened skin barrier.
    I loved it

  19. shankus

    This is the best serum i ever used.
    it actually strengthens my weakened skin barrier and soothes and calms down

  20. good***

    The best calming & repairing serum ever and it moisturizes me a lot.
    I like it.

  21. francia

    my all time best serum
    Good for repairing weakened skin barrier and developing it back.
    I am loving it

  22. elize

    Good calming serum
    Good for sensitive.
    It develops weakened skin barrier
    I am loving it.

  23. shermen

    The best serum for developing weakened skin barrier.
    I used to break out quite often, but ever since i started using it, i got so much better with skin condition.

  24. whgdkrksmsrjdi

    I have sensitive skin.
    break out a lot.
    Ever since i started using it, I get irritated way less than before
    I would recommend it to anyone looking for good serum.

  25. lets get it.

    I have been trying lots of different serum.
    This is the most calming, soothing, and moisturizing.
    Highly recommend for weakened skin barrier

  26. aledj

    Good serum for week skin barrier and
    It helps develop skin stronger .

  27. qufkdrmx

    The best soothing serum ever !
    I got so much better with my sensitive skin.
    I am so satisfied.

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Dr Jart+ Cicapair Serum 30ml