Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Facial Calming Mist

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Fine hydrating calming mist instantly soothes sensitive skin to deliver lasting relief at any given time.

Formulated with Jartbiome, our proprietary microbiome complex, to help strengthen, balance and improve skin’s defenses. Centella Rx soothes and protects sensitive skin while Cicabond helps repair skin.

Size: 150 ml

  • Spray on the face from a distance of about 1 foot
  • After washing the face, use it as a toner or use after putting on makeup to keep skin fresh


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How To Use


Close your eyes 20cm away from your skin and spray evenly throughout your face.

※ Please use it immediately.


Please be absorbed by tapping with a clean hand.

Spray irritation on sensitive skin before or after makeup, or when you feel dry.


Using mist or just after shower will keep your skin moisturized until you apply another skin care product.

If you use makeup before, it helps to moist makeup.

It can be used as toner substitute by spraying on cotton pad.

16 reviews for Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Facial Calming Mist

  1. annihouge5

    Smells good. The spraying power is also good, so it is very easy to use.

  2. jenifergrant

    i have super sensitive skin and rosacea and i found this online and saw good reviews so i though i’d try it out. And i love it !! i sprayed them on my cheeks and it really toned down the redness and my face felt nice and calm! i would recommend this 🙂

  3. juicydean

    I have rosacea and am always looking for something to add to my routine. I got this originally as part of the cicapair box and actually purchased another to make sure I don’t run out. I keep it in the fridge and it is so nice and refreshing after washing in the am and pm.

  4. marygrant

    Literally amazing. As I had burned my face with wax and it calmed my redness in an hour.

  5. Alisha

    I love its concept mist.
    Every time i feel i need a quick moisture, i simply take this out and spray.
    One of features is to soothe, so when i have redness, it can be used as an instant aid.

  6. Kee4203

    So comfortable and effective.
    It soothes my redness with so much moisture
    Loved it

  7. 7/11

    i love mist. this one helps me with dry and redness.
    I feel cooling effect.

  8. Mist384

    I can carry around with me when i am out.
    Good for extra moisture with calming feature.
    It soothes out my skin as well when i get redness

  9. Faceshop

    My favorite brand
    It replenishes moisture a lot.
    Can carry around.
    The best

  10. Rosa

    I can’t go a day without this mist.

    It actually calms my skin changing everyday due to tempreature.

    Recommend it.

  11. shakira

    Dr.jart mist.
    great product and effective.
    i carry it around and this is coming in handy.

  12. goodquality only

    This is a good brand, and this mist works just amazing with function that soothe me
    i can carry this around with me wherever i go

  13. suarez

    my best all times number one face mist.
    it helps me with dryness, and it soothes me when i have any irritation and redness.

  14. letsgo

    one of the best face mists.
    it moisturizes me well and it is portable.
    I can carry around it wherever i go.
    good for sensitive and little bit of glow.

  15. gazagazaginzaizakaya

    I have tried all different kinds of face mists.
    This dr.Jart mist has been the best by far.
    It moisturizes me and calms when my face gets damaged due to various reasons.
    Would recommend it

  16. who is he?

    I easily get dry. with this, no problem, !
    i take it with me when i go out.
    an instant moisture charging !

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Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Facial Calming Mist