CAXAUP(with. KAHI Wrinkle Essence)

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20 reviews for CAXAUP(with. KAHI Wrinkle Essence)

  1. Shiro78

    There are 3 different features in this device.
    First is lifting
    Second is better absorption
    Third is massage.

    What a device !
    Loved it

  2. emma466

    Perfect! it lifts my skin well

  3. mariachju

    It is small and light and beautiful. But the performance is clear. Wrinkles straighten out immediately.

  4. pikachu

    2 modes
    one for lifting
    another for better absorption.
    I am getting the most out of them.
    It is workig.

  5. pikachuandraichu

    I bought this for christmas present for my mom.
    she loves it.
    this one has 2 modes
    one for brightening
    one for lifting care

  6. liberal 88

    great skin care tool

    It seems like it actually works with skincare absorption.
    easy to use and quite versatile.

  7. nicole

    loved this.
    I use this one every time i put my skin care on.
    It really helps absorb better!
    it massages me as well.

  8. dragon balls

    this is a fantastic tool.
    not only does it face lifting but also massage neck and armpit.
    It gets me relaxed well.
    would recommend it.

  9. shakira

    IF you are looking for a good skin tool
    this is it.
    it has 2 modes
    one is lifting and another is mode that help skin care absorb better.
    i am seeing a lot of results.
    i am loving it.

  10. Villa

    Loving this skin care tool.
    Good for lifting, massages and better absorption.

  11. all of sudden

    what a great tool for maintaining my skin good.
    It helps skin care products penetrate better and deep.
    I feel happy about it.
    i don’t have to use pricy skin care products.
    i would recommend it for sure.

  12. nicole

    it has 2 modes
    lifting and ion which is to help absorb your skin care products better and deeper.
    good skin care tool and worth it

  13. shakira

    It helps penetrate deeper which i like the most about it
    it massages as well.

  14. suarez

    Great Performance
    it has 2 modes. lifting and ion. it helps skin care products absorb better.
    I can do some massages myself such as neck and armpit and legs.
    I would recommend it

  15. solomonsalmon

    I have been using it 2 months now. I am seeing results such as more better absorption and my face looks lifted a bit
    cheeks area.

    I can recommend it for home skin care,

  16. Skinholic

    Amazing skin care massage tool.
    It has 2 modes.
    One for lifting and one for ion effect.
    Ion effect helps products penetrate better and deep,
    Which i like the most.
    I am seeing my face somehow lifted a bit.

  17. happyday87

    I have been using this for 3 month now
    It helps me with better absorption and lifting my jawline and cheeks as well.
    Not that pricy for Its great performance.
    I can recommend it to those looking for simple skin device.

  18. newday

    Great performance
    it has two modes
    ion for better absorption
    lifting for wrinkle, lines, sagging

    I am loving it

  19. tkfkdgo01hi

    Good for extra skin care.
    lifting and better skin care absorption.
    Not that pricy for its performance.
    thumbs up

  20. sunnydays

    great performance.
    it has 2 modes.
    one for lifting and massage
    one for ion, which helps skin care products work better.
    for me, It works great.

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CAXAUP(with. KAHI Wrinkle Essence)