Amino Biotin Quick Black Change Shampoo

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C-K-D Amino Biotin Quick Black Shampoo 150g Gray Hair,  Bleached hair → Black Color Change

First batch sold out within a week of release in Korea

Chong Kun Dang’s cosmetics brand ‘CKD Guaranteed’ A healthy cosmetics brand that only considers ‘effectiveness’ for each particular ingredient line.





  • Simple and reliable dyeing effect in one week !
  • Fast dyeing effect and Long lasting color
  • Cover with the natural black color of the hair
  • Contains ‘Biotin’ / nourishes the scalp
  • 17 types of amino acids / Supplies nutrients to hair
  • The volume of hair that comes back to life with one shampoo
  • Hair loss prevention


  • After wetting the hair and scalp with water, pump the shampoo and mix well to apply.
  • Lather on the hair as if massaging and wait for at least 3 minutes.
  • Rinse well with water to remove any residue.
  • * Although the skin staining evaluation has been completed, the surface may be colored if left for a long time, so please wash it clean.

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18 reviews for Amino Biotin Quick Black Change Shampoo

  1. Tisha

    Wow, this item is remarkable.
    I bought it for my mom and she tried literally 3 times. I saw her entire hair changed from gray to black in natural way.
    She was satisfied.
    I will definately come back to it
    Highly recommend

  2. kyougkook

    Even when I used it once, I dyed my hair to the short side. I’ve only used it once, but I’m looking forward to it when I use it more.

  3. peterhang

    I doubted if it really worked when I used another dye shampoo, but this shampoo became a white hair cover in three tries.I recommend it.

  4. jamieseo77

    유해성분이 없다고 해서 구매했어요 써보니까 확실히 새치 염색이 잘 되는거 같습니다

  5. Costskun

    I bought and have been using for a month.
    I am seeing it changed quite in natural ways
    I love it

  6. Jack

    This is my second time buying this. No seperate time for dying , but this dyes and washes together !
    2 in 1.
    I love it

  7. Grey

    Easy to use.
    Easy to store.
    I am using it and waiting for the best color

    Worth trying

  8. Jackson

    I love this producte.
    Very easy and minimize any damage that i would have if i use hair dye products.
    Good for gray hair.
    Love it

  9. hamiltonku

    I used it twice and my hair got really dark. I think it gets dyed quickly. I’m satisfied.

  10. haidy677

    I didn’t know if the dye shampoo I used before would dye it.
    This shampoo really works.
    I will repurchase it.

  11. Oldguy

    I am in my 50’s.
    I am tired of dying on my regular basis.
    This shampoo broke my unwanted habit.
    Easy, cosistent, and effective.
    Recommend it

  12. hello345

    Good products with hair dying fuction.
    easy to apply.
    it is the same as shampoo, but it changes my hair color

  13. Benatural1234

    We bought it for my pap.
    He sees it is changing white to brown and to black. I like the way it is coloring. It look very natural.

  14. Goodlife

    I know this brand and i gave it a try for mom.
    She dyes her hair once a month. She said she liked it. I see her changing to dark brown after few times use.

  15. shimai

    This hair dying shampoo not only cover my white hair but also makes my hair silky
    It is comfortable. fast result.

  16. magician 1234

    I bought this for myself.
    i have some here and there white hair.
    i tried and it is actually good working well.
    easy to use.
    recommend it.

  17. Hiili

    It works fine
    Covered white hair in natural way.
    Don’t have to dye every other week
    That is the best part of it

  18. Picolo8282

    I gave a try for my white hair.
    I am enjoying it because it is not only changing but minimizing damage from dying hair.

    I would recommend it

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Amino Biotin Quick Black Change Shampoo