Anua Peach 77 Niacin Conditioning Milk


Perfect as a treatment product for dry skin types. For oily or combination skin types, use as a moisturizer. Light and milky, this Conditioning Milk offers deep hydration with 77% Prunus Persica (Peach) Fruit Extract and three types of hyaluronic acid. Ceramides strengthen & balance the skin’s barrier, while vitamin B12 and niacinamide brighten & even out uneven skin tone. Harnessing the power of peach, Anua’s Peach 77 Niacin Conditioning Milk is a lightweight, non-greasy lotion that’s great for all skin types. Great For -Skin Types : All Skin Types, including Dry, Dehydrated & Sensitive -Skin Concerns : Irritation, Redness, Fine Lines, Dryness, Rough texture, Flakiness, Hyperpigmentation

Anua Peach 77 Niacin Enriched Cream


Anua’s Peach 77 Niacin Enriched Cream used 77% Prunus Persica (Peach) Fruit Extract to hydrate & renew the skin’s barrier. Its pudding-like, gel-like texture absorbs easily with no stickiness, leaving the skin more plump and dewy.

Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum : Green tea + Panthenol


This serum is formulated to alleviate skin discomfort caused by UV exposure and other external stressors. The base ingredients are green tea, a renowned antioxidant, and mugwort, a herb acclaimed for its skin-soothing properties. We've incorporated panthenol to complement and enhance the protective qualities of these elements. Together, green tea and mugwort hydrate and calm the skin, while panthenol creates a moisture shield, preventing further irritation. -Renewal : Enhanced soothing and moisturization effects 30% mugwort extract was added to enhance Calming Serum’s soothing effect. In addition, the amount of panthenol, which protects the skin from external stimuli, has been increased from 2% to 5% for enhanced moisturization and moisture barrier care. It has been revitalized as a formula that further enhances the moisturizing and soothing effects of the original version. Key ingredients -Green tea 50% 'Donguibogan', a traditional medical record in Joseon, records that greean tea keeps the head and eyes clear, and refreshes the energy. EGCG, which is main component of green tea leaf, helps soothe skin damaged by UV rays. -Mugwort 30% Mugwort has been a very important ingredient throughout the history of oriental medicine. It has a warm nature, so when consumed as tea or food, it facilitates metabolism. As a skin care ingredient, mugwort provides moisture and helps to soothe skin. -Panthenol (Vitamin B5) 5% As a well-known moisturizing ingredient, Panthenol is converted into vitamin B5 when absorbed into the skin. It binds strongly to moisture and prevents moisture from escaping, effectively keeping the skin hydrated

Beauty of Joseon Glow Deep Serum : Rice +Alpha-Arbutin


This serum is designed for individuals dealing with pigmentation issues and uneven skin complexion. Infused with 68% rice bran water and 2% alpha arbutin, it works diligently to illuminate and boost the health of your skin. Key ingredients -Rice bran water 68% Rice has played a very important role as a staple food and skin care ingredient in Korean history. In the Joseon Dynasty, rice bran water was used like the toner of today, and was called Beauty Water, used for beautiful skin. Rice bran is rich in amino acids and minerals, helping to moisturize dry skin. -Alpha-Arbutin 2% Alpha-Arbutin works by inhibiting the tyrosinase activity that limits the melanin production in your skin. It is also known to have a 10 times greater effect than regular Beta-Arbutin.​

Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum : Propolis + Niacinamide


This serum is made for those struggling with enlarged pores and skin inflammation. With a blend of 60% propolis extract and 2% niacinamide, it skillfully manages sebum production while ensuring your skin remains hydrated. Key ingredients -Propolis extract 60% There is a record that women in the Joseon Dynasty used honey and grain powder as a wash-off mask pack to care for their skin. As a skincare ingredient, proplis extract is effective for hydrating the skin improving inflammed skin. -Niacinamide 2% Among the various effects of niacinamide, it is especially helpful in controlling sebum secretion and maintaining the oil and moisture balance of the skin. -BHA 0.5% As a fat-soluble exfoliant, it helps to remove sebum and wastes accumulated in the pores.

CLIO Kill Cover Fixer Cushion Set (+Refill)


A transfer-proof cushion foundation without smudging even under a mask

 Fixes makeup strongly & doesn't feel stuffy at all Strong against oil by using oil cutting powder  Never smudges off & lasts perfectly without rubbing off
How to Use
Apply by pressing the puff into the sponge and pat the puff onto the face. Please use after removing the film. Please close the lid fully after use.

Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Serum


[TARGET DARK SPOTS AND POST-ACNE HYPERPIGMENTATION] The Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum is packed with a powerful blend of 70% fresh green tangerine extract, 4% niacinamide, and arbutin. Green tangerines are potent in antioxidants and have 10x more vitamin C than lemons. Powered by this fruit, our formula improves dark spots and post-acne hyperpigmentation while tackling the formation of new ones that have yet to surface. [MINDFULLY HARVESTED ORGANIC TANGERINES] The organic green tangerines are nourished with fermented soybeans (natural fertilizer) to produce the healthiest ingredients for your skin. They are hand-picked during a small window in July (4 weeks out of the entire year) when levels of vitamin C are the highest. Only the freshest tangerines are infused into our formula to create the perfect skin-boosting fruit water serum! [SKIN-BOOSTING FRUIT WATER SERUM FOR SENSITIVE SKIN] This is a safe and gentle vitamin C serum that will hydrate and nourish your skin to reveal a fresh and glowing complexion. It visibly revitalizes skin while avoiding irritation commonly associated with harsh vitamin C serums. [CALM AND SOOTHE SKIN BARRIER] Infused with calming ingredients like Centella Asiatica (Tiger Grass), this restorative serum soothes skin, inhibits inflammation, and improves your skin barrier hydration. [STABLE, NON-OXIDIZING FORMULA] The serum is a stable formula that can be used both AM and PM. It’s UV coated bottle and airless pump protect the formula and prevent oxidation.

innisfree Bija Trouble Cleansing Foam


This cleansing foam, formulated with bija seed oil, salicylic acid, and rose crysta, removes impurities with fine lather. Product Details 1. Deep cleansing for pores and dead skin cells Formulated with salicylic acid to exfoliate and clean the pores inside and out 2. Excellent skin improvement The formula contains Jeju bija oil, which features an exceptional skin improvement effect. 3. A refreshing facial foam cleanser good for acne-prone skin Noncomedogenic tested to be used safely on skin troubles 4. Soft cushiony bubbles Refreshing cleansing by dense and cloudy bubbles

innisfree Black Tea Youth Enhancing Cream 50ml


A gel-based early anti-aging cream with antioxidant-rich Black Tea Reset Concentrate™ to help deliver a firmer, hydrated complexion that looks glowing and well-rested. -Formulated without: Animal-Derived Products, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Mineral Oil, Paraben, PEG, Polyacrylamide, Synthetic Colors, Synthetic Fragrance, Talc, Triethanolamine, PTFE, Gluten, Phthalates, Formaldehyde -BENEFITS Infused with our proprietary Black Tea Reset Concentrate™, use this cream as the last step in any skincare routine (before SPF, of course) to protect skin from environmental aggressors. The lightweight yet nourishing formula helps soothe and revitalize dull skin for a visibly healthier complexion. Dermatologically tested. Clinical Results: After 2 Weeks of Use: - 96% felt skin looked firmer, less dry, and well-rested* *Based on a 2-week independent consumer study on 30 women ages 20-35. HOW TO USE After essence and/or serum, take a pea-sized amount and smooth onto face and neck. Gently pat in for better absorption. Use AM & PM. Follow with sunscreen in the AM.

innisfree Black Tea Youth Enhancing Lotion 170ml


Radiant lotion formulated with Reset concentrate™ that helps to enhance firm and radiant looking skin. Product Details 1.Powerful skin condition recovery effect of Reset concentrate™* This product quickly addresses various skin concerns (brightening+firming+soothing+dryness+radiance+vitality) due to skin fatigue. 2.Dewy glowing skin with triple active ingredients Achillea Millefolium Extract, glycerin and tocopherol are formulated to provide hydration and radiance to rough, dry skin to create dewy glowing skin. 3.Silky nourishing formula Lightweight emulsion-like nourishing texture absorbs to create firm skin foundation *Reset Concentrate™ – potent ingredient meets excellent extraction technologies Beauty Green Tea (innisfree’s exclusive green tea variety discovered after extensive research) has been naturally fermented and became ‘Black Tea’. To ensure that all powerful antioxidants and anti-aging compounds are extracted, the Black Tea is then infused in mineral water for 12 hours. Through this proprietary extraction method, Reset Concentrate™ - a potent active ingredient – has been created. INGREDIENT STORY Reset Concentrate™ – potent ingredient meets excellent extraction technologies Beauty Green Tea (innisfree’s exclusive green tea variety discovered after extensive research) has been naturally fermented and became ‘Black Tea’. To ensure that all powerful antioxidants and anti-aging compounds are extracted, the Black Tea is then infused in mineral water for 12 hours. Through this proprietary extraction method, Reset Concentrate™ - a potent active ingredient – has been created. *Reset Concentrate™: innisfree’s own active ingredient extracted from black tea that relives skin fatigue. Its powerful antioxidant and anti-aging benefits help the stressed-out skin to quickly recover after a long, tiring day. HOW TO USE Apply an appropriate amount over face and neck then gently smooth for better absorption.

innisfree Green Tea Hyaluronic Lotion 170ml


INNISFREE Green Tea Hyaluronic Lotion is a lightweight, non-greasy facial moisturiser made with green tea extract. This facial lotion is enriched with amino acids and hyaluronic acid to give the skin a plumper appearance, alleviate dehydration, soften rough patches and restore optimal moisture balance quickly.

innisfree Retinol Cica Barrier Defense Cream 50ml


Excellent for repeated skin troubles. Recommended for those who experience skin troubles often, get irritated skin due to external environment, and have unstable skin conditions depending on seasonal changes. The advanced Centella 4X and Defense-CiCa formulated cream newly added with phytosterol soothes skin that is irritated due to physical and external irritations just from single use while at the same time improving damaged skin barrier. Constant usage of this product will lessen blemish scars, pores, uneven skin texture, excessive sebum, and dead skin cells. Temporary skin redness alleviation by 112.7%, 96.6% skin cooling effect, 77.3% improvement of damaged skin barrier, dead skin cell reduction by 59.4% from single use. Skin oiliness improvement by 32.7%, pore size improvement by 28.5%, blemish and freckle reduction by 21.6%, skin moisture improvement by 19.4%, skin elasticity improvement by 16.5% and skin texture improvement by 14.8% after 4 weeks of product use. The soft and moisturizing low-irritating moisturizing gel texture allows day and night care without removing makeup. Completed skin irritation test and noncomedogenic test for sensitive skin types. Featured ingredients The formula containing retinol and cica provides healthy care and protects skin that is weakened and irritated by external environment. How to use Take adequate amount and gently apply on face and neck. When using during the day, apply a layer of sunscreen to protect skin.

ma:nyo Galac Niacin 2.0 Essence


The Galac Niacin 2.0 Essence enhances visible radiance and brightness in just 14 days. The doubled amount of Niacinamide helps defend melanin to create stronger and flawless skin.

mixsoon Bean Toner 100ml


-Bean fermentated- After cleansing, meet our hydrating and nourishing care toner -Responsibly enriched with amino acids for moisture retention and abundant plant-based estrogen from soy, our formula cares for skin's moisture barrier, leaving it clear and smooth. -Ingredients : soy extract (931,973ppm) meets fermented soy BIOME5X, it provides even more resilient moisture care. -How to use: After cleansing, it supplies moisture to dry skin, creating a protective final barrier that cares for the skin's micro-biome layer. -For sensitive Skin : A gentle formula with zero irritation, safe even for sensitive skin. -Mixsoon Brand: Mixsoon insists on minimalism and clean beauty. Eliminate unnecessary ingredients that might cause skin damage and only add the essential ones. 100% cruelty-free.

mixsoon Bifida Toner 150ml


  • Bifida Toner: helps to restore damaged skin barriers and rough skin tones.
  • Recommended for sensitive, dull and rough skin. Highly recommended for irritated skin from wearing masks and skin lacking firmness.
  • Light texture with high absorbency.
  • Key Ingredients: Bifida Ferment Extract that helps to calm skin sensitivity and repair damaged skin barrier

mixsoon Heartleaf Toner 150ml


  • mixsoon Heartleaf Toner calms irritated skin with 100% Heartleaf Extract is a multi-toner that cleanses dirt from the skin and replenishes hydration at the same time.
  • Fast-absorbing formula which does not leave a sticky after-feel.
  • Free of artificial fragrance and colorant.
  • This toner has a synergy if used with mixsoon Heartleaf Essence.

mixsoon Ice Glacier Hyaluronic Acid Serum 300ml


-Infused with glacier water and three types of hyaluronic acid, this serum offers a powerful hydration boost for supple and plump skin, and forms a moisture film over skin to help strengthen the skin barrier. -The lightweight texture absorbs deep into the skin without leaving a sticky after-feel. -This dense and rich serum offers instant hydrating effect on dry skin and helps boost radiance.

mixsoon Mung Bean Seed Essence 100ml


  • mixsoon Mung Bean essence is a purifying essence contains mung bean which significantly  helps cool down heated skin, soothe, and relieve skin inflammation and redness.
  • Contains 100% mung bean seed extract without unnecessary ingredients
  • Watery formula that quickly absorbs and delivers nutrition into the skin
  • Stress relief care for sensitive skin

No.1 Centella Re-Leaf Green Toner Pad


Green toner pad, made with ground Centella Asiatica leaves synergized with three calming herb extracts -Skin Type: Sensitive -Material Feature: Vegan -Unit Count: 70.00 Count  

ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Pad


This Dokdo Toner Pad is made with concentrated minerals from Ulleungdo's deep seawater, soaked in a relaxing cotton pad. It provides deep hydration, gentle exfoliation, and soothes your stressed-out skin with Panthenol, Allantoin, and Betaine.

THE WHOO Bichup First Care Moisture Anti-Aging Essence Special Set


-First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence 4.34 fl.oz / 130mL -Gongjinhyang Soo Vital Hydrating Balancer 20mL -Gongjinhyang Soo Vital Hydrating Emulsion 20mL -Gongjinhyang Soo Hydrating Foam Cleanser 40mL -Gongjinhyang Mi Glow Lip Balm #Rose mini -Bichup First-Care Moisture Anti-Aging Essence 130ml The first step essence of Whoo for anti-aging care, which helps circulation that is a fundamental factor in appearing healthy skin, and soothing that helps better complexion. It contains one of the valuable formula of the brand. The key ingredients enable your beauty to encourage the vital energy of the skin, and makes the skin beautiful and helpful for the absorption of the next step of the nourishment. -HIGHLIGHT Ultimate skin booster Improve skin metabolism and blood circulation Soothe swelling and burn Promote vital energy Help making a good skin condition to receive enough nourishment on next step -How to Use Apply the essence by tapping lightly to your face at the first step of skin care in the every morning and evening.

THE WHOO Bichup Moisture Anti-Aging 3-Step Set (5 Pieces)


The history of whoo Bichup Moisture Anti-Aging Mask 27ml * 5ea

A repairing mask containing 1/3 bottle of the First Care Moisture Anti-Aging Essence, with the “JieYu Pill” as the main ingredient to promote blood circulation and effectively eliminate skin puffiness. GongJinBiDan balances and purifies, creating hydrated, clear and beautiful skin. Used with the Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence and Ja Yoon Cream that comes with the mask, the mask is the saviour for tired, dehydrated, puffy, and dull skin. Live and breathe royal beauty through our Bichup collection!
It is a royal anti-aging mask that makes your skin soothe and healthy.
It includes 3-step of the essence and Ja Yoon cream,
so it makes royal anti-aging for only one mask.
※ Component : Bichup Moisture Anti-Aging Mask 23ml + Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence 2ml + Bichup Ja Yoon Cream 2ml
How to use
Take it after washing your face for 10~20 minutes.
Then, absorb the remaining essence by tapping.
We recommend using it once or twice a week.
Brand : The history of whoo
Capacity : 27ml
Target Area : Face
Skin Type : All Skin Types
Condition : 100% Brand-new with original box
Country of origin : Republic of Korea

Torriden DIVE-IN Cleansing Foam


-A gentle and soothing face wash for daily use. Removes dirt and impurities all at once with its rich yet lightweight formula to clear out pores and balance skin. -8 types of molecules of HA allows moisture to absorb immediately, deeply, and densely inside your skin to by building 3D networks in the layers of the skin to maintain hydration and moisturization to plump your skin. -Has a lightweight and refreshing finish, which keeps skin moisturized and a pH level between 5 and 6, which minimizes skin irritation from being too acidic or alkaline. -Free of artificial fragrance, colorants, parabens, mineral oils, isopropyl alcohol, and other ingredients. They've been tested to be not irritating for skin, and the formula is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne prone skin.