dasique Blending Mood Cheek


This vegan blush is a must-have. With just one product, you can create a variety of looks. A silky formulation allows for uniform blending. Even after several applications, it produces a clear color.

01 Warm Blending

Inspired by the rich, inviting hues of brewing tea, our palette features four natural shades perfectly suited for warm skin tones. From the comforting warmth of cinnamon to the subtle blush of tea leaves, each color is carefully selected to complement the color palette.

02 Cool Blending

Embrace the serene beauty of our blush palette, inspired by the gentle hues of brewing tea. Designed specifically to complement cool skin tones, this palette offers four natural colors for a harmonious and radiant finish. It also works to minimize dryness and create a smooth, flawless canvas without clogging pores. Say goodbye to patchiness and hello to silky-smooth skin! And of course, our commitment to ethical beauty shines through. Our Blush Palette is proudly certified vegan by V-label and is never tested on animals.



Rom&nd's signature, tone-down muted color was created by mixing a drop of neutral nude. A clear coloring that gently fills both cheeks NUTTY NUDE Beige nude as soft as a peeled nut VINE NUDE Spoonful of beige on grapes, grape nude ODI MILK Milk filled fully with frozen mulberry, mulberry cream STRAWBERRY MILK Baby pink with fresh strawberry filled with milk APRICOT MILK Soft apricots dipped in creamy milk PEACH CHIP Peach Coral with the freshness of peaches BLUEBERRY CHIP A pale muted pink like well dried blueberries FIG CHIP Just like ripe fig fruit, fig brick PEAR CHIP A drop of vitality on parched pear skins, beige brown Lovely colors inspired by dried fruits · My Cheek But Better #MCBB look on light skin tones · Blurring effect for silky & smooth skin without cakiness · Effortlessly tinges cheeks with dried fruit-inspired color · Smooths skin and imparts a blurred, airbrushed effect · A weightless formula that lasts all day