-Flawless and dewy skin Moist 60% Essence Cream Cushion, which takes care of the skin, makes a healthy, clear glow and smooth, elastic skin texture with a triple layer of glow-adhesion-coating. 24 hours power lasting The power lasting effect was proved through testing of blemish cover, color cover, and anti-darkening. Thin and clean covered healthy skin lasts 24 hours. -Moist adhesion and cover The cooling effect of MENTHA AQUATICA EXTRACT reduces skin temperature, calms skin irritated by external temperature, and covers pores increased by heat. Apply the ESSENCE POWER HOLDING SYSTEM to instantly give a strong moisturizing effect, making it moist adhesion. Two sizes of 250nm & 100nm powder create a cleanly covered skin. -Expertise Vegan Europe certification The vegan cushion, which achieved the vegan certification from France Eve Vegan. -Power pink cushion and dew puff It's a power pink cushion created by the combination of pink, which symbolizes the vitality of AMUSE GIRL, and transparency that contains honesty. Inspired by AMUSE's signature DEW, the dewdrop-shaped puff meticulously covers even skin curves and enhances adhesion.

mixsoon Bean Cleansing Oil 195ml


  • A daily cleansing oil that provides deep cleansing of the skin with moisturizing properties, irritation-free
  • Made with the same ingredients of mixsoon Bean Essence, and is suitable for oily skin
  • Key Ingredients: Soybean fermented extract, fermented barley, pomegranate, and Korean pear

Tonymoly peach hand cream


TONYMOLY's bestselling Peach Hand Cream is a rich formula that contains invigorating and moisturizing ingredients like peach and apricot extracts and shea butter to banish dry skin plus anti-wrinkle ingredients for softer and smoother hands. Benefits Quick-absorbing hand cream Provides softer, smoother, and more youthful looking hands Key Ingredients Shea Butter - Rich in vitamins...