How To Follow A 5-Step Korean Body Skin Care Routine?

Most people care about their facial skin but fail to maintain healthy body skin. Skin is the largest organ in our human body. It requires much effort and daily care to keep its health intact. So when you have a skincare routine for your face, why not have one for your entire body? The post is to create awareness among people and suggests a few good products and a skincare routine. Sooni and Tommi have some excellent body skincare products. Try to choose Korean skincare products for the regimen as they are skin-friendly and have no allergic reactions. When you follow the following steps, you will never get any skin problems. Moreover, you will also enjoy healthy, wrinkle and blemish-free skin. Let’s see in detail:

  • Exfoliation: If not removed properly, dead skin can accumulate on your skin and cause troubles later. It clogs the pores and causes breakouts like body acne, hives, etc. Skin diseases also can occur when you don’t exfoliate periodically. Koreans use the Korean Italy towel or loofah to clear the dead cells in the skin. Do it twice weekly to get clear, blemish-free, and healthy skin. Exfoliation also prevents ingrown hair from waxing and shaving body hair. You can also use the pumice stone for natural exfoliation.
  • Body Wash: The soaps are out of trend. Many people say it is allergic to their skin. The chemicals in the soaps can strip off natural moisture and dry your skin. But the Korean body wash is gentle on the skin. It cleanses the top layer and hydrates the skin. We have body wash for all types of skin. Botalab Suamel body wash is hot-selling at Sooni and Tommi. Try that someday and enjoy soft and supple skin. Body washes are travel friendly. You can carry them wherever you go; you need not change brands even if you travel to another country.
  • Body Lotion: After an exfoliation session, moisturizing is a must. Keep a good moisturizing body lotion with you. Even after body wash, mild body lotion is good as it keeps the skin youthful. Anti-aging and firming lotions are suitable for all skin types. Koreans strictly follow the steps accompanied by an anti-oxidant-rich diet. You should try the Dear Vaughn scalp and body onion lotion from Sooni and Tommi. It rehydrates your skin and smoothens the rough spots in your body. It slows sagging skin and keeps you moisturized all through the day.
  • Hand And Foot Cream: Body skin care is only complete with a good hand and foot cream. We tend to use our hands and feet often. They can become dry and show signs of aging like wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles, etc. When you maintain your hands and feet properly, it will add some significant points to your charisma. Sooni and Tommi suggest the Kwailnara full of seed hand cream for quick results. You can also go for a manicure and pedicure session once every month for better results.
  • Sun Protection: Finally, when you leave your home, apply a good sunscreen on the exposed skin areas. When going out to the beach in a bikini, using a high-SPF sunscreen is better to avoid dangers like skin cancer, sunburn, and rapid aging. Use good prickly heat powder during summer to prevent rashes from spoiling your skin. When you travel to hot countries, always keep all necessary protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Sooni and Tommi have already shared the ways to protect your skin from the sun. Visit the blog section to know more.

We hope you got more information about Korean skincare products. If you wish to buy any K-Beauty products, please visit the Sooni and Tommi websites. For more information on skincare and Korean beauty products, follow us.