How To Protect Your Skin From The Side Effects Of Makeup?

Brushing teeth and taking a bath is part of a cleanliness routine. So is trimming your nails and combing your hair. The biggest organ in our body is the skin, so we must take special care of it. But sadly, it’s the most ignored organ too. Face and expressions come first in communication. The cleaner and prettier they are, the more influence they have on your social life. Western people prefer makeup to cover all their flaws and present themselves as cute dolls. But Korean Beauty care industry brings a different view. They say maintaining skin health and bringing out its natural glow is beauty. Makeup affects our skin significantly, but it is unavoidable in our current era. So here we shall see how Korean beauty products from Sooni and Tommi can help you to protect your facial skin and rejuvenate from the damages of makeup.
  1. Cleanse: Makeup has become part of our life. The chemicals in the products have a terrible impact on your skin. Similarly, the pollutants in the atmosphere also stick to your face. Sweat and the sun too play their role in damaging the skin. The first thing you have to do once you reach your home is clean your face of all the impurities. Korean Beauty care always recommends a double cleanse. Using two different types or brands of cleansers to wash your face is good. At Sooni and Tommi, you have many facial cleansers. Choose the best facial cleanser that will suit your skin. For the first wash, use an oil-based cleanser or micellar water. It removes the makeup and other impurities present at the top layer. The next step in the double cleanse will remove the pollutants and dirt you cannot see. Use mild cleansers; experts say foam cleansers are the best for the second face wash.
  2. Exfoliate: We all know exfoliation removes the impurities inside the pores and keeps your face clear of any infections. But experts warn us that we shouldn’t exfoliate if we have an open wound or acne. Also, avoid exfoliating sunburnt skin. Purchase top-quality exfoliating products as some of them can harm your skin. Always be gentle to your face. Use soft sponges that are also good at removing dirt. Brush off the skin gently and don’t scratch or injure your face by being rash. Anti-aging peeling gel and rice bran peeling gel are fantastic. It would be best that you never forget to exfoliate your nose and remove the black and white heads. Visit Sooni and Tommi; they have some top-quality exfoliators that are gentle and effective on the face.
  3. Apply Toner: The pores are open after you exfoliate the skin. Now apply toner to your face. It restores the natural pH of the facial skin and closes the pores. Koreans believe toners hydrate the skin and keep it soft and supple. Makeup strips off natural moisture and dries the skin. At the same time, toner rejuvenates the skin and heals it. The Korean toners don’t have alcohol, so they are perfect for the skin. Visit Sooni and Tommi to know the different types of Korean and their benefits. The products suit American skin, and you can buy them without any doubt. You get instant results. Korean Beauty products are the best if you need healthy and glowing skin.
  4. Apply Serum: Give time for the toner to blend into your skin. After that, you can apply your serum, night cream, moisturizer, packs, or ampoules. The previous steps are for preparing the skin so that it is ready to absorb the nourishment from the serum. It gives immediate effect if you follow all the steps. There are a lot of products available for this section. It’s often confusing to choose. Jot down your needs and pick the right product. You can use face products alternatively. You can use a serum now and apply moisturizer the next day when you may feel your facial skin is drier. Sooni and Tommi have a lot of choices. They have anti-aging creams and whitening creams too.
  5. Eye Care: Dark circles have a lot of reasons, but sadly they make you look weird. Nowadays, we stay away beyond midnight and constantly stare at the computer or mobile screen. Many of us are in jobs that demand the use of these gadgets. So, we have to take external help to prevent dark circles, and Sooni and Tommi have a collection of some of the best eye care creams and gels. Korean eye care stresses the importance of hydrating the skin around the eyes. After applying the moisturizer and serum, never forget to finish it with an under-eye gel. Some gels come with applicators. If not, take the cream or gel on your middle finger and apply it under your eye. Visit the link to know more about eye care.
  6. Lip Care: The final step is lip care. Never forget it. Just like the eyes, lips are sensitive areas and react to the chemicals in the environment and makeup. Changing weather has a profound impact on lips. Sooni and Tommi have excellent lip care products, from lip crayons to lip masks. Keep a moisturizing lip balm with you during the winter and apply it periodically, just like sunscreen during the summer. Now you can sleep well to wake up like a fresh tomato. Koreans always exfoliate their lips and also keep them soft and hydrated. You can add lip exfoliation to your face care routine too. Lip colors blend easily and look adorable when your lips aren’t flaky.
  7. Sun Protection: Makeup never protects you from the rays of the sun. If you are going out in the sun, use sun protection. Carry an umbrella and apply sunscreen. MIBA Ion calcium BB cream provides sun protection and covers the blemishes on your face. Please visit Sooni and Tommi online cosmetics store to learn about the different sunscreens. Korean Beauty cares about maintaining the health of your skin. Makeups can cover your flaws, but they damage your skin too. You must take adequate measures to maintain skin health, so it remains flawless without makeup. At night you need not wear sunscreen, but when you use the tech gadgets with blue light, please use a blue light filter cream. The light from the screen causes wrinkles, so it’s good to have a protective coat.
I hope the simple tips and products above will help you keep your face bright like the moon. The first six steps are the same before and after makeup. Use sunscreen only during summer and apply the sunscreen every two hours to get maximum protection. Click the link to know how Sooni and Tommi Korean beauty products help you keep the skin young for long.