How To Protect Your Face From Halloween Makeup?


Halloween is near, and I hope you have already planned for it. Kids will enjoy and so are adults. When in a fun mode, we care less about skin. Halloween makeup can sometimes ruin our face. Here we shall see some tips that protect the face and let you have fun at the Halloween party.

  • Use A Face Mask: We understand that everyone wants to make Halloween makeup real. Many of them wear cheap makeup as they may not use the same again. But unfortunately, it leads to breakouts, itching, and severe rashes. The scars may remain for some time. To avoid these mishappenings, why not try face masks that look so real? It will be fun to fear creepy masks to scare friends, and your skin will remain intact. The scary look is what everyone needs.
  • Don’t Miss Korean Face Care Routine: You may miss your regular face care routine during Halloween festivities. But it’s not right to do. You have to follow the double cleanse, moisturizing, serum, and toner without fail. You can apply Halloween makeup over the primer or toner but never on bare skin. The dyes and makeup products used for Halloween makeup may dry your skin. It may also have harsh chemicals, so check everything before applying them to your face.
  • Try To Use Skin-Friendly Products: The metallic powder, paints, sprays, and fake blood harm the skin. The lip crayons are meant for sensitive lips and may not suit different areas of your skin. Applying lipstick on the face other than the lip area is not advisable. You may have to keep the makeup for a few hours, and your face may develop rashes if the materials are not skin-friendly. Getting your clear skin back may take two or three months or even years. Sooni and Tommi have a collection of good-quality makeup products. Try them today.
  • Avoid Paints: Experts say many skin allergens are found in face paints. Every shop sells face paints during Halloween, and we randomly pick them just by looking at the colors. If the face paint you choose has excess allergens like nickel, chromium, or cobalt, you may experience severe reactions. Moreover, a paint suits one person may be allergic to another. Some allergies leave scars and are irreversible. So, it’s not wise to paint your face. Halloween makeups are heavy and can clog pores, leading to acne.
  • Apply A Primer: Whatever Halloween makeup you have decided to apply on your face, the first and foremost step is to use a quality primer. It creates a temporary barrier between the skin and the chemicals in Halloween makeup. A good quality toner also does the same work. Innisfree Bija Trouble Skin from Sooni and Tommi will work well for sensitive skin. If you have dehydrated skin, try out Sooni and Tommi’s oil-based toners. It is safe when you apply the scary makeup over a well moisturized and toned skin. The makeup will also stay for a more extended period without any side effects.
  • Cleanse Once The Party Is Over: Once the party is over, removing the makeup with wet tissue is good. Vacci makeup remover tea tree and Heimish All Clean Balm are suitable for makeup removal. You can find them at Sooni and Tommi. If not, use your double cleansers. All the cleansers from Sooni and Tommi are mild and can easily wipe off your makeup without any residue. It also has zero side effects.

Enjoy the Halloween party with skin-friendly makeup. Visit Sooni and Tommi and purchase their top-quality face care products, and be prepared for the big day.