How To Prevent Face Sagging And Wrinkles? | K-Beauty Tips | Sooni And Tommi


The modern diet, environment, and gadget usage all contribute to the wrinkles on our faces. Above all, a wrinkled face denotes the loss of collagen as we age. Medical research says sunlight, excess sugar, and smoking dramatically reduce collagen levels. Some people take collagen supplements, while others fear the side effects. But Sooni and Tommi feel we can reverse collagen naturally and get youthful and firm skin. How can we bring back lost collagen? The reality is it’s not possible. We can slow down collagen loss and recover the skin from sagging. Let’s rebuild collagen with the following tips and tricks.

7 Colour Diet: A protein-rich diet is the quickest way to rebuild collagen. Many dietitians recommend an anti-oxidant-rich 7-color diet. Add more red-colored beetroot and tomatoes to your diet. Citrus fruits, leafy greens, watermelon, and grapefruits are also good at increasing collagen levels. Once you add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, you will see the wrinkles disappearing. Keep yourself hydrated, as dehydration also affects the skin. Even if you use costly creams and treatments but keep your diet the same, it is challenging to get long-lasting results. If you want expert help, contact a nutritionist today.

Stop Smoking And Sun-bathing: There are around 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. Most of these chemicals can reduce collagen and elastin. Even if you spend time around second-hand smoke, it will significantly impact your facial skin. Research says smoke can reduce collagen production by 40%. So, if you are a smoker, please take remedial measures to avoid it. Leaving smoking can improve overall health and save you from a lot of other fatal illnesses. Sun and prolonged heat exposure also reduces collagen. Tanning also replaces collagen with elastotic material and eradicates it. Research says that a person who had zero exposure to the sun and used sunscreen whenever they walked out looked 20 years younger. So always avoid the sun and smoke.

Add More Vitamin C: A diet rich in Vitamin C helps synthesize Vitamin C and promotes the maintenance of collagen. You may also have seen collagen peptide supplements with Vitamin C. It enables the quick absorption of collagen. Many ancient home remedies for the face encourage the application of citrus juice and dried citrus peel powder. The effects they have on your skin are remarkable. Nowadays, we have Vitamin C serums and topical creams that help synthesize collagen. Visit Sooni and Tommi to learn about their vitamin C collagen-boosting Korean face care products.

Exfoliating Periodically: People who periodically exfoliate their skin have intact collagen. Research shows that in the long term, exfoliation helps prevent collagen loss and increase its synthesis. As you remove the dead cells, the skin can quickly rebuild the collagen. Glycolic acid peels, microdermabrasion, and homemade scrubs enable the production of new cells; thus, it helps reverse collagen loss. Sooni and Tommi always recommend that people follow the Korean skin care regimen. It ensures you never go through troubles like acne, wrinkles, collagen loss, black spots, etc. If you have already seen the signs of aging, don’t worry, you still can pick the Korean skincare regiment and get back your youthful, glowing skin.

Sooni And Tommi Collagen Creams And Gels: We all know that Sooni and Tommi is the best place to buy Korean face care products. We have a wide variety of collagen products, from eye patches to plasma devices. The most significant advantage of our products is they provide quick results and have no side effects. You can get low-priced creams and expensive facial neck LED masks to boost collagen. All the products are easy to use and come with clear instructions. Visit Sooni and Tommi now to glimpse their outstanding collection of natural collagen stimulators.

The main component of the skin that keeps you looking young is collagen. Even during weight loss, collagen plays a significant role in restoring the suddenly shrunk skin. It has many other benefits, like hair growth, stronger nails, and better joints. Always ensure your food intake has enough collagen. You can try any of Sooni and Tommi’s collagen products to keep your skin healthy and young.

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