How To Get Party-Ready With Korean Skin Care Products?

The party season is here. Christmas and New year parties are inviting you to end your 2022 gracefully. But how to be party ready for the entire season? You may not have followed any skincare routine throughout the year, but you should still look super awesome at the parties. How to instantly make your facial skin healthy looking? Here are some quick tips to brighten your face using Korean skin care products from Sooni and Tommi.

  • Diet For Skin Glow: Before applying anything on your face, remember diet is essential. Your skin needs the nutrients to keep it wrinkle-free, moisturized, and bright. Omega 3 fatty acids, collagen, and water are necessary for radiant skin. Increase your intake of fruits and juices so your face will glow naturally. Carrot and beetroot salads are also good to give a bright radiance.
  • Deep Cleanse: As part of the Korean skincare routine, you should regularly clean your skin. Use two types of cleansers daily. If you must attend many parties, remember to cleanse your makeup before sleep. Always purchase mild skin care products from Sooni and Tommi. Harsher products may cause breakouts and ruin your party makeup. Also, ensure that you are not using cleansers that strip off your face’s natural oil.
  • Instant Brightening Masks: Face sheet masks are the best when you need to hydrate your dull face. It’s easy to apply and takes twenty minutes to lift and brighten your complexion. The face mask sheets are available in Sooni and Tommi. You can buy many sheets and store them on your shelf. Whenever you need to attend a party, use a mask early in the morning or on the previous day night. The most significant benefit of face masks is that you can use them even while traveling. Try the Innisfree rice face mask, as it gives instant brightness.
  • Use A Toner And Mild Moisturizer: Before makeup, it’s necessary to apply good quality toner and moisturizer. The toner helps close the pores and acts as a barrier between the chemicals in cosmetics and your skin. Christmas and New Year come in winter, so your skin will often dry up. The alcohol in makeup sprays can make your skin even more flaky and dry. To avoid dryness and patches, using a good and lightweight moisturizer is best before applying makeup products on the skin.
  • Boost Blood Flow With Gua Sha: People often use massagers to boost blood flow in the face. Koreans use a gua sha to increase blood flow. Additionally, it removes dead cells, reduces puffiness, detoxifies, and lifts the face. It evens out wrinkles and provides glowing skin. Gua Sha is an optional step. The other ways to boost blood flow and glow are to use a massaging gel, steam, ice fomentation, or dry brushing. Once blood flow increases, your skin will stay healthy with a golden glow.
  • Eye And Lip Care: Makeups may hide your chapped lips and dark circles, but it’s better to treat them. You can go for lip mask sheets if you need an instant remedy. Aloe vera or cucumber is the best remedy for puffy and raccoon eyes. Check out Sooni and Tommi for instant result-giving eye and lip care products.

Even if you are yet to follow the routine Korean skin care regimen, the following tips will help you get party-ready in a few minutes. Sooni and Tommi products are authentic and fresh from the manufacturer. You get quick and long-lasting results. So, let’s rock this Christmas season with brighter and healthy skin. Come on. Click now.

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