How To Find The Best Korean Beauty Product Seller In America?

Korean skincare products are very gentle on the skin and give long-lasting results. Americans love it as they are natural and have zero side effects. They are slowly taking over US skin care products. People nowadays feel it’s good to avoid harsh chemicals. They consciously choose healthy and natural foods. The same goes for skin care.

Home remedies may be the best, but they are slow to give results. Even though we have used skin care home remedies for a long time, our skin has changed over the years. Nowadays, people feel it never works. The environment is also different. On the other hand, Korean skin care products in America use natural products to rejuvenate wrinkled, dry skin. So, the demand for K-beauty products is high. Therefore, there are a lot of scams revolving around it. How shall we find them and not get trapped in them?

How To Know If Your Korean Skin Care Product Is Genuine?

Sooni and Tommi give you some easy tips for finding genuine Korean beauty products. The skin care regimen will give results only if you use the original products. Fake products may even lead toside effects. If you feel you are following a proper Korean skin care regimen, but there are no good results, check if you have an authentic product.

  • Are You Purchasing From A Genuine Seller?Always ensure that the shop or online store you are visiting is genuine. Many fake sellers charge a lot and sell counterfeit Korean Beauty products. If you have a doubt, try a simple face mask or other low-cost product first to know how it works. Sooni and Tommi’s total luxury cosmetics store has been in the business of selling K-products for a long time. They sell genuine Korean skin care products. Visit to buy your favorite Korean gels and creams.
  • Check The Name:Most fake skin care products may look similar, but the names will vary. So, check if the package has the right brand name printed on it. For example, it shall be Inisfree or something else instead of Innisfree. A casual look will not bring the change to your brain’s scrutiny. You have to check the label carefully. Sooni and Tommi never sell such fake products.
  • Is There Any Damage To The Packet?Check the entire pack to know if the seal is damaged. If there is any damage in the packet, return it immediately. Some fraudsters open the package, remove the original product and then replace it with something else. Even if you get a damaged product online, please return it. When you buy from Sooni and Tommi, there is no such problem. We do many quality checks to ensure you get the best.
  • Check The Barcode And Expiry Date:If your Korean beauty product is genuine, it will have an accurate Korean barcode. Primarily the number starts with 471. But there is another numbering pattern, too, so we cannot ensure authenticity with this method. Some sellers are selling expired skin care products too. So always check the expiry date before buying.


Any genuine seller will sell you the best Korean beauty products. The other factors you have to keep an eye on include the following:

  • Are They Trying To Promote One Brand? Some people will push you to buy a particular brand. It would help if you didn’t fall for this scam. Research Korean beauty products before you visit the shop or online store. Make a list of the best brands and products you need. Buy them from the store rather than falling for scams.
  • Label Over Expiry Date Or Barcode: If you cannot check the bar code or the expiry date, it is better to return the product. Why should we take the risk? Some fake sellers hide the information with labels over it and sell you fake or expired products. Sooni and Tommi are very reliable sellers. Many good reviews on the internet confirm how genuine their products are.

Buy genuine Korean skin care products by visiting the link. If you buy from somewhere else, please keep the tips in mind. Check the link to learn some of the best Korean products.