How To Determine Your Skin Type And Toner For Your Face?


Toners are a must in the Korean skincare routine, and it helps you to clean and close the pores. Some pore-less toners give a clear look. It retains the natural moisture in the skin and firms the face. The toners nourish the face by providing all the necessary nutrients and deeply hydrate the skin. The benefits of toners are many, and it’s not good to skip them. It would be best if you could also buy the right toner for your skin to get the maximum benefits. Sooni and Tommi have a collection of toners that serve different skins. Here we shall see how to know your skin type and which toner suits your skin.

Determine Your Skin Type: Some of you may know your skin type. If so, you can choose the perfect toner for your skin. Sensitive and acne-prone skin needs special toners. We give you a simple way to find your skin type. Wash your hair with a mild Korean cleanser. Dry the skin with a soft face towel. You have to wait for the next thirty minutes and then examine the changes in your skin. When you smile and the skin feels tight, you have dry skin. If the nose, cheeks, and forehead are oily or have a slight glow, it means you have oily skin. Some people only secrete oil in the T zone, and your skin is of the combination type. You come under sensitive skin if you feel some redness, itchiness, or other reactions that are not normal. People with more acne and skin that reacts adversely to any chemicals applied to the skin also belong to this category.

Toner For Dry Skin: Hydrating toners without alcohol are the best for people with dry skin. The main problem faced by dry skin people is flakiness. If the skin is dehydrated, you may also feel itchy. The toner you choose should restore the pH of your skin. The restoration of moisture will give your face a healthier look. The toner will help the makeup blend with your skin. It won’t flake up like it does when you have dehydrated skin. Visit Sooni and Tommi. They have a vast collection of toners for different types of skins. You will find toners from top-quality Korean beauty brands. Choose deep hydrating toners. Most of them give quick hydration and make you party ready in a few seconds.

Toner For Oily Skin: When you apply toner on an oily face, it provides an even tone. The toner also penetrates the pores and deep cleans; thus, it avoids excess oil and prevents blackheads and acne. Dermatologist Dr. Corey.L.Hartman recommends toner for oily faces. It would help if you used good-quality toners to preserve and enhance the natural glow of your face. Sooni and Tommi have some excellent toners perfectly crafted for oily skin. Innisfree green tea balancing toner is the best for people with acne. If you have an oily face, it’s good to choose a toner with one of the following ingredients: green tea, chamomile, rose water, or aloe vera. They soothe the skin, remove the excess oil, and prevent breakouts.

Toner For Combination Skin: It is challenging to maintain a combination skin. You need skin care products that can absorb the excess oil and hydrate the face. It would help if you had a toner to clean the facial skin without drying it thoroughly. It’s better to choose Korean toners with salicylic acid, peptides, lactic acid, or witch hazel. Don’t choose face care Korean products that come with alcohol. Green tea or black tea toners are suitable for people with combination skin. You get them at Sooni and Tommi. Read the description before you buy the toner. It’s the primary skin care product that you can never skip. A good toner will restore your facial skin to a healthy state and keep you glowing. 

Toner For Sensitive Skin: The hydrating toners from Sooni and Tommi help clear the irritants on the face and improve the skin’s moisture balance. It provides a healthy look without any adverse reactions, even for people with sensitive skin that may dry or oily. If you have susceptible skin with redness and an itchy surface or acne-prone skin, choose toners with allantoin as the vital ingredient. Hyaluronic acid, rose water, and aloe vera are also suitable for slightly sensitive skin. Check if the toner you are buying is hypoallergenic. It’s better to go with natural products. Green tea toners from Sooni and Tommi are best for sensitive faces. If you see any rashes or sense some itchiness after using the toner, please never use it again.

Everyday Tips For Toners: Buy the best toners from Sooni and Tommi, as substandard products can ruin your skin. Korean Beauty care regimen gives more importance to the use of toners. It’s a must to apply toner twice a day. Never buy a toner that has alcohol in it. Read the ingredients carefully before purchasing the Korean toners. Vitamin C toners are best at improving the collagen in the skin and boosting the natural glow. You can also try the collagen toners if you have sagging skin and wrinkles. It hydrates the skin and lifts the skin with an extra glow. You will look five years younger after using the toner. 

Whatever toner you have, please apply it with a good-quality cotton pad. Dip the cotton in the toner and pat it on your face. Leave it for ten minutes so that it can enter the skin and hydrate it. Apply on your face and neck. Some people even apply it to their hands. You can also use your fingers to rub the toner on your face mildly. Whenever you cleanse, you have to apply the toner. The cleansers open the pores while the toners close them. It would be great if you also used the toners daily. Visit Sooni and Tommi to choose your toner from their collection. Visit the link to know the benefits of Korean Skin Care Products.