Expert Tips To Soften Chapped Lips | Korean Lip Care

Have you tried all remedies and still have dark chapped lips? Korean lip care gives you an instant cure for dry and dark lips. Even in American winter, you can have smooth lips. Just follow the tips regularly. But before that, ensure the dryness is not due to allergic reactions. Check your food and drinks and verify the chemicals used around your lips. If all is okay, follow the tips below to get pink and supple lips. Sooni and Tommi share with you some secret super-fast remedies for dry lips. Share it so everyone can benefit.

Exfoliate The Lips: Pink lips are a dream of many. The changing weather and environment don’t make it possible. Even in America, you can have smooth buttery lips if you periodically exfoliate them. You can choose any exfoliating agent like sugar, coffee, brush, or cinnamon. The toothbrush is the easiest way to exfoliate. Rub it gently so the dead cells fall off and fresh skin pops out. You can add it to your regular morning routine. You can add lip care to the regular exfoliation schedule of the Korean skincare regimen.

Apply Waxes Or Oils: Once you remove the dead cells, you must soothe the irritated skin with an emollient. Apply some wax, oil, butter, or petroleum jelly. If you have severely chapped lips, apply them frequently during the day and before sleep. Aloe vera is a good option as it also helps remove the tan. They help seal the moisture and prevent the lips from cracking further. Getting a medicated lip balm is best if you feel pain or have wounds. Regularly applying a Korean lip balm will prevent such mishaps. Visit us to know more.

Keep Yourself Hydrated: Water fills most parts of our delicate body. It’s a must to drink enough water daily. If not, you will face serious health issues, including chapped lips. Dehydration affects your kidney, dries your skin, makes hair brittle, and ruins your lips. Anyone interested in face care should drink at least 2 liters of water daily. You can set a water reminder on your smartwatch or mobile phone. The other way is to keep two liters of water with you and finish it before the sun sets. Please don’t think, ‘I have used costly lip balms and don’t need water.’ It’s a must.

Do’s And Don’t’s In Lip Care: Avoid exposure to extreme climates. Sudden weather changes can easily affect your lips. It’s not just the winter season; even sun exposure can darken and dry your lips. So, if you are stepping out, take all precautions. If you have the habit of licking your lips, stop it immediately. Chewing gum is an excellent alternative to stop licking lips. Stress and dehydration are the significant reasons for this habit. So, it’s better to try meditation to avoid stress and depression. Similarly, drink a cup of water whenever you feel like licking your lip.

Breathe Through Your Nostrils: Mouth breathing is another major cause of chapped lips. Nasal blockages like cold or septum deviation also can affect your breathing. So, check with an ENT specialist to know if there are any underlying problems with your mouth breathing. Clear your nasal blockages, use a big pillow, and try cardio to stop the habit. If everything is fine and you are still breathing through the mouth, practice mindfulness and make it a point to always breathe through your nostrils. If you have flu, take medications and recover your lips by exfoliation and hydration once it’s gone.

Use Sooni And Tommi Lip Care Products: Korean lip care involves exfoliation and hydration. Here you also have lip masks to nourish and plump your lips. The multi-stick balms are very good at hydrating your dry lips. You can also use them to clear your dark circles. Please keep it in your bag and apply it whenever you feel dehydrated. As it uses natural ingredients, there is no fear of adverse reactions. The fixing tint from the notable brand Etude House adds color to your lips while moisturizing the chapped, tender skin. If you don’t like it, apply the multi-stick balm and coat your lips with Berrisom Real Me Lipstick. It acts as double protection and heals the lips in a few months.

Follow these steps to get pink and smooth lips even during American winter. Even if you are an Asian and are more affected by the changing weather, Korean products will significantly help you. Visit Sooni and Tommi to grab all the products and start caring for your tender lips.