How To Care Your Eyes And Keep It Young And Beautiful Forever?

Eyes are like a window. It allows the world to see your soul and lets you see the world. The beauty of the eye hides all other imperfections. It captures the attention of the onlookers and keeps them glued to it. Eyes are expressive and communicate more than your lips. Now, we use a lot of gadgets and are always in a stressful environment, which dulls our eyes. Poor sleep brings puffiness, and dark circles make it lifeless and gloomy. Sooni And Tommi have some excellent Korean eye care products that hydrate and rejuvenate the tender skin around the eye area. Eyecare is a must, and you must spend some time on it daily.

  1. Clean Your Eyes: Digital strain affects the eyes significantly. Use water or rose water to clean your eyes frequently. This act removes impurities and heat and gives your face a fresh and bright look. It’s easy to follow; use a good quality rose hydrosol, pour a few drops in the water, and put your eyes on the cup, so the water touches the open eye. Lift it so that the cup is upside down, washes off the eyes, and makes it clear. It’s an old ayurvedic method practiced in India, and now people who work in the computer field follow it to keep them free from eye strain. You can check out the videos on YouTube to get a clearer idea. You can also use plain distilled water for cleaning. If you apply the eye care products now, they will work faster than usual.
  2. Get Proper Sleep: Our store’s Korean beauty products for eye care are superb and give quick results. But what is the use of it when you don’t take a proper diet or get timely sleep? It’s a must to have a deep sleep for a minimum of eight hours. Beauty sleep improves the collagen in the skin, preventing wrinkles and sagging. Seven to nine hours of sleep daily makes you fresh and rosy. The Korean beauty tips always stress the importance of proper sleep. A person deprived of sleep will look dull with sunken and swollen eyes, and dark circles become inevitable. Some people may get red eyes, and the skin around wrinkles quickly. The eye is the first part of your face that immediately shows the effects of improper sleep.
  3. Eye Exercise: Korean women have eyes that look like doll eyes. They care for their eyes so well that it gives an innocent and bright look to their face. Makeup on dull eyes may never bring it back to a glorious look. You must care for your eyes daily and spend some time on them. We have a lot of eye exercise now that boosts the blood circulation to the skin around the eyes. Moving your eyes around clockwise and then in an anticlockwise direction is an excellent exercise. Eye exercise or eye yoga helps to slow down aging and reverse the aging damage on the skin. Food A Holic Collagen Eye and Face Cream is good enough to rejuvenate your drooping eyes and give them a youthful look. It brightens the skin and eradicates the wrinkle. You can use the cream for your face and skin, so it’s an added advantage.
  4. Guard Your Eyes: When you travel in the sun, wear sunglasses to protect them from the harsh effects of the environment and heat. It’s good to quit smoking if you need powerful, magnetic, youthful eyes that will remain young for longer. When working with a digital screen, give breaks and look at the wall or white screen to reduce digital strain. Use eye pads to remove the stress and rejuvenate your eyes. Use blue light filters, screen guards, and spectacles when using your laptop or smartphone. It’s good for your skin to reduce screen time. Try good quality eye creams from Sooni and Tommi to protect your skin from pollution. Why not try the Hayejin Pink Icing Pastel Eye Mask? Visit the link to know more.
  5. Korean Eye Care Products: Purchase a good quality eye cream and apply it daily. Here is the link to the best eye care products from Sooni And Tommi. All products are from top brands and perfect for your eyes. Take care of your eyes as it’s one of your most delicate parts. Beauty starts from the yes, and we are here to give you the best in the world. Korean products are suitable for the skin and have zero side effects. They are easy to use and suit all skin types. Innisfree and Tony Moly are some of the well-known brands, and many customers prefer their eye care products. But please don’t think it’s enough to apply the cream and wait for your eyes to shine bright. Please follow all the tips above to get a great look.



Follow all these essential tips and take a proper diet full of vitamins and essential minerals. Wear protective and good-quality eyewear and be careful while choosing cosmetics. Only use good quality harmless eye makeup products. Clean them once the party is over and let your eye breathe fresh air when you are at home. Don’t touch or rub your eyes frequently. Visit the link to learn more about the benefits of green tea for the skin.