Grand Opening Giveaway!

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Sooni & Tommi Reward Program – Join Today For Discounts On Latest Korean Cosmetic Products

Giveaways, reward programs & discount deals are part of our grand entrance celebrations. We’ve recently launched our online store for Korean luxury beauty products. At Sooni & Tommmi, we’ve carefully put together unique products and brands that will blow your mind away. Besides cosmetics and everyday skincare necessities, we have an exhaustive list of beauty products you never knew you needed.

Grand Opening Giveaway!

Sign up for emails between August 10, 2022, and September 10, 2022, and win a skincare product  (KAHI - Wrinkle Bounce, Multi Balm, KAHI - Aqua Balm, KAHI - Extin C Balm). 4 lucky winners will be chosen from the grand draw.

How To Enter

To enter the Giveaway, subscribe to our emails from August 10 to September 10, 2022. Members who have previously subscribed to the newsletter are automatically eligible for the giveaway.

We will randomly select 4 winners and contact them via email on September 12, 2022. You must respond to the mail by September 14, 2022, or the reward will pass on to another subscriber.

Giveaway skincare products are from Sooni & Tommi’s exclusive collection of cosmetic, beauty, and skincare products, with each winner getting 1 product.

Before we go any further, let us introduce the exclusive Sooni & Tommi Reward Program.

Order, Earn, Save – It’s A Gift That Keeps Giving!

1.Earn 200 points on signing up for our Sooni & Tommi Membership Program

2.Add your Reference ID and earn an extra 50 points

3.Get $5 off your first purchase (for purchases over $50)

4.Earning points is easy. $1= 2 points

5.Redeeming is equally easy

200 points = $5 off + 2 FREE Mask Pack Coupons
400 points = $10 off +FREE Shipping Coupon

6.If you’re a VIP Member. $200 = 1.5 times reward

Special Grand Opening Reward! You’ll get double rewards for all purchases made from August 10 to September 10, 2022.

But wait, that’s not all! We also have the…

Why Sooni & Tommi?

We started Sooni & Tommi to make Korean brands and products accessible to fans worldwide. Sooni & Tommi offers the best Korean cosmetic, beauty, and skincare brands and products at a reasonable price. Our exhaustive collection includes brands that have become cult favourites and unique products that aren’t readily available outside Korea. You’ll also enjoy our free samples of the latest products from your favourite brands.

We’ve started with only one aim: to make it easier and faster for you to achieve beautiful glowing skin! The Reward Program and Giveaway is our way of putting our customers and community at the heart of everything we do!