Get A Glowing Skin Before Your Big Day! Tips For Bridal Face Care


The day is so special; everyone wants to look perfect on their big day. You may already follow a proper Korean skin care regimen and have tried Sooni and Tommi’s products. But it’s not enough for a bride to glow radiantly at her wedding. Here experts from Sooni and Tommi give you tips on bridal skin care.

Start Preparing Your Skin Earlier: Please begin your bridal skincare three to six months before the event. The following steps will guide you to get clear and bright skin. Calculate the time you have in hand and make your plans accordingly. You can consult experts and even visit dermatologists if you have skin issues. Dental issues like yellow stains also can affect your bridal look. So, please take pictures of yourself, determine problems like poor hair and blackspots, and find remedies for them. If you cannot correct them, find ways to hide them.

Change Your Diet: Firstly, you may visit a nutritionist or try online diet plans. We suggest you keep yourself hydrated. Drink ample water so that your skin remains healthy. Dehydrated skin will look awful even under makeup. So, ensure you take enough fluid. You can even add fruits and smoothies. Avoid spices and junk food to keep your skin glowing and radiant. You can also try intermittent fasting to flush out the toxins, reduce fat and get healthy skin. Finally, remember to add more antioxidants to your diet.

Follow Korean Skin Care Regimen: Sooni and Tommi suggest everyone follow a proper Korean skincare plan. You can visit their blog to find out the different regimens. The Korean skincare products for double cleansing, toning, and exfoliating are all available at Sooni and Tommi. Buy the best Korean serums, moisturizers, and essences for quick results. Most products are deep hydrating and will give you clear glossy skin in a few days. But you should follow the regimen regularly. Visit Sooni and Tommi anytime to grab world-class authentic Korean skin care products.

Identify Facial Skin Issues And Heal It With Sooni And Tommi Products: Some of you may have acne or brown spots. Sooni and Tommi have remedies for every facial skin issue. You can check their official website and buy whatever you wish at affordable rates. You can also try the anti-aging and acne kits for tremendous changes. The kits suit all skins and work on giving you clear skin. Remove tan on your face with our anti-pigmentation marks. Moreover, we also have skin-friendly makeup products which you can try for the big day.

Sleep Well And Avoid Gadgets: Beauty sleep is more important to Koreans. They believe you will have beautiful skin if you sleep well for long hours at night. Many signs of aging are mainly because of poor sleep. People often stare at laptop screens or play on their cell phones until fatigue shuts their eyes. They get a two- or three-hour sleep which is significantly less. Good sleep will also reduce stress and balance blood pressure and hormones. It prevents dark eye circles and wrinkles and gives you youthful skin and eyes.

Visit A Facial Spa: Brides should look fresh on their big day. When you walk the aisle, your smile should brighten your face. It’s a must to pamper your face with a massage. Visit a spa near you for a facial, pedicure, and manicure. It helps moisturize the skin and improves blood circulation. You can choose bridal facials as it clears all blemishes and makes you glow in the light. Plan your spa visit two to three days before your big day. You can also get weekly facials for brighter-looking skin. When accompanied by Korean skincare, it will be a great plan.

Good luck with your blessed wedding from everyone at Sooni and Tommi. Follow our bridal skin care tips and get flawless, radiant skin. Visit us for more information about the latest Korean skincare products.