Sooni and Tommi sell you the best and most genuine K-beauty skin care products. We hope you have tried them already. But are you wondering why haven’t you got the expected results? Do you want a dewy skin in a few days? Wait, what about your diet? Are you still eating oily and junk foods? Here we shall see the secret diet Koreans take to get flawless skin. Without them, you may never get blemish-free skin.

Kimchi: Fermented foods are suitable for the gut. Kimchi is a fermented pickle made from napa cabbage, garlic, and chili. It’s the best diet to add to your food to boost the digestive process and improve probiotics. Now how can they improve your skin? Researchers say gut health and skin are closely connected. When you have digestive issues, the skin will also exhibit problems. Koreans add a lot of kimchi to their diet and also experience fewer skin problems in their life.

Seaweed Soup: We often see seaweed soup at Korean birthday parties. It’s a healthy anti-aging soup. It helps replenish the nutrients after childbirth, prolonged illness, or surgery. We also see it often in Korean breakfast. The seaweed purifies the blood, enhances the metabolism, detoxes your body, and gives you healthy and brighter skin. It also helps promote hormone imbalance and improve immune levels by providing enough nutrition. The anti-aging properties of seaweed are remarkable. If you need wrinkle-free skin, go for seaweed soup.

Ginseng: Herbal teas significantly improve health by providing all the necessary antioxidants. Koreans have used ginseng for many years to get a youthful life. Ginseng saves the skin from free-radical damage. It has minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to renew the damaged skin and give it a youthful glow. Some people take ginseng as a supplement. Sooni and Tommi have many ginseng-based skin care products to provide anti-aging effects. Add ginseng to your diet and skincare to get the best results.

Barley Tea: Korean people consume a lot of barley tea after water. Roast the barley seed and boil it in water to make a concentrated and delicious tea. The benefits are tremendous when you replace tea, coffee, and sugary drinks with a cup of barley tea. Barley tea helps prevent and treat pigmentation. The barley team improves the elasticity and firms the skin. It promotes digestion and also helps in weight loss. Barley tea reduces oxidative stress, promotes cell regeneration, improves blood circulation, gives young skin, and stops premature aging.

Fermented Rice Wine: Alcohol damages the liver. But here, Koreans have added rice wine to their diet and beauty products to get clear and radiant skin. The vitamin B and amino acids reduce pigmentation and give you an even skin tone. Many Korean masks, serums, and soaps use fermented rice wine. Adding a little to your diet can make you healthy and also gives you soft and supple skin. The sweet wine treats acne, improves gut health and keeps you young like red wine. The topical application of rice wine on the face protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Soybean Soup: We all know soup is integral to the Korean diet. Soybean is readily available in Korea, and it is cheap. And hence soybean soup is widespread in Korea. Soybean soup is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. Soybeans are good at boosting the hormone secretions. It keeps you young and healthy for a long time and is one of the principal ingredients that help slow down Koreans’ aging process. We also see this in the lunch menu at Korean schools; it could be the secret behind the youthful skin of Korea.

Green Tea: Koreans like having a lot of tea daily. Tea has been there since the second century. They precisely measure the ingredients and use hot water at the right temperature to bring the best out of the tea leaves. They have green tea, black tea, and yellow tea. All kinds of tea are rich in antioxidants and exhibit anti-aging properties. Sooni and Tommi have many Korean beauty products with green tea as their predominant ingredient. When you take green tea daily and apply the skincare K-beauty products, you will get dewy skin in three to six months.

In addition, you can also add antioxidant-rich berries, fruits, yogurt, vegetables, and nuts to your daily diet. Most importantly, don’t miss the daily dose of water. Stay hydrated to get glowing skin. Follow us to get more updates on skin care. Visit Sooni and Tommi now to get the world’s best skincare products.