Complete Dry Skin Prevention Plan! Winter Care Tips For Your Skin

Dry skin is a significant problem during winter. But some people have naturally dry skin that gets worse with the changes in the environment too. Here we shall see how we can maintain the skin and prevent extreme dryness. Here we shall see what products at Sooni and Tommi help rejuvenate dry skin. We will also see the habits and dietary changes you must make if you have dry skin.

Mild Cleansing: Never use cool water to cleanse your face as it dries your skin more. Use lukewarm water and also avoid hot water. Buy cleansers that say it’s for dry skin as they have unique ingredients to handle extreme dryness. Oil-based gentle cleansers will suit you more. Sooni and Tommi have a separate section for dry skin people. Here you get all face and body care products that fight against dry skin and keep it hydrated. Purchase a good quality cleanser. Clean your face twice a day. Experts recommend a fragrance-free cleanser for dry skin people. Ensure never to have a thick lather as it can dry out the skin and flake it. You may use powerful moisturizers, but it is not good to dry the skin excessively and then add layers of masks, serums, and moisturizers. Maintain the natural oils and hydration of the skin and remove just the dirt. So, when you use the moisturizer later, you will have good skin.

Short Shower: Dry skin people gives a lot of importance to their face wash routine. But it is good you should also take care of your daily shower. Use lukewarm water for the shower and avoid hot water. During winters, be very careful that you don’t use boiling water as it can burn the skin and darken and dry it too. Optimal temperature is a must to protect your skin. It’s good to use a gentle body wash instead of chemical soaps. Just like you maintain your face, use mild cleansers and body cream to keep the skin perfect. Keep your shower very short. Don’t spend anything more than ten or fifteen minutes in the water—the lesser time in the bath is better. Please avoid swimming. If you must spend more time in the water, use all necessary precautions to protect your skin. Please avoid alcohol-based products on your dry skin as they dry even more. You can try the Hayejin rice bran oil for the body and face from Sooni and Tommi. Keep the shower short and avoid hot water.

Apply Moisturizer: Once you wash your skin or shower, immediately apply a moisturizer. Even if you wash your face or hands, use a little cream to avoid drying. Apart from moisturizers, you can also try hydrating masks, moisturizing gels, and serums meant for dry skin. If your skin is dehydrated, please use good petroleum jelly to hydrate it quickly. Try products with shea butter or avocado, as they are the best for dry skin. Collagen moisturizing creams are perfect for dry skin people. The biggest drawback of dry skin is that it sags quickly and causes wrinkles. The collagen in the skin also reduces as we age. So to maintain the firmness of the skin and prevent flaking, use a high-quality collagen kit like the AUIARA collagen skin care 6 set. Visit Sooni and Tommi to learn about the different moisturizing options for dry skin. They have a good collection of hot-selling products that rejuvenate and hydrate dry skin.

Keep Yourself Hydrated: Drinking lots of water every day is the key to maintaining healthy skin. It’s not just the topical application of creams and cleansers; you have to hydrate your body to make your skin glow. It’s not just water; you can drink healthy and fatty soups or fresh juice also. Lemon water, coconut water, milk, cucumber, fruit-infused water, and aloe vera juice helps you stay hydrated even on hot sunny days. But you should also know that drinking too much water will also lead to more loss of fluid and minerals from your body. So always take the right amount of water prescribed by experts. Generally, two liters of water a day is enough to keep you hydrated. You should also check if you are taking diuretic medicines or foods like coffee that can dehydrate you. Electrolytes are the last thing we would suggest. Always find natural ways to keep yourself hydrated. When you feel dry mouth or lips, immediately take a sip of water.

Omega-3 Foods And Supplements: Itchy skin and skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis. Omega-3 seals the moisture in the skin and keeps it hydrated. Omega-3 deficiency causes dry skin. If you are taking the omega-3 supplement, you should take it for more than three months to see the results. The fatty acids help the skin to stay healthy and impart a natural glow. Most people take fish oil capsules to increase their omega-3. We have many dietary plans that help improve your fatty acid level. It would help if you kept the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio at optimal levels for more benefits. The fatty acid stimulates natural oil production in the skin, thus helping you to maintain youthful and hydrated skin. Fish and eggs are the best for omega-3. Vegetarians can go with kidney beans, soybeans, and flaxseed. Walnuts, olive oil, and canola oil are also some healthy options. Take omega-3 and go wrinkle-free.

Eye And Lip Care: Lips and eyes are the sensitive areas of the skin. They dry fast if you don’t care much. So, lip and eye care are essential. Sooni and Tommi have many eye and lip masks and balms. But before buying them, visit the dry skin type section and choose the lip and eye care products specifically made for dry skin. The easy remedy for dry lips is white petroleum jelly. For eye care, try the charm zone deage red addition eye cream. The Korean eye care product moisturizes the skin surrounding the eyes and improves elasticity. You can also check out the HAYEJIN pink icing pastel eye mask, TONYMOLY Intense care gold 24K snail eye cream, and SK-II skin power eye cream. Visit Sooni and Tommi to see more products for eye and lip care. Drink more water and have a good diet to maintain your health. The deficiency of specific vitamins also can damage lips and skin. So, pay more attention to diet. Use an anti-blue filter spectacle to protect your eyes and sleep on time.

I hope these tips about maintaining dry skin were of great help. Fight this winter wisely. Don’t feel bad if you have naturally dry skin, as each skin type has its pros and cons. You cannot say one type is greater than the other. You can just say that you are experiencing winter all through the year when it comes to skin care! Once you recognize your skin type, take diet and precautions accordingly. Always choose Korean cosmetics based on your skin type. It helps a lot. Visit Sooni and Tommi for more ideas.