11-Step Korean Skin Care Routine For Acne


Allergic reactions, acne, sunburn, or a little pimple are enough to bring blemishes to your clear skin. You may have never followed a skincare routine, but these tiny imps will force you to care for your skin. Even if you are not beauty conscious, isn’t it necessary to have healthy skin? Many skin diseases that were silent long ago erupt due to lifestyle habit changes and pollution. There is more need to protect the skin than ever before. Here Sooni and Tommi talk about preserving and rejuvenating skin that’s already prone to acne. Keep reading to learn how to restore the skin health of an acne-filled face.

  1. Remove Makeup: Most makeup removal products dry your skin. When the skin gets drier, it causes breakouts. The easiest way to find out if the makeup remover suits you is to feel if your skin feels tight after using the product. If so, try a different one.
  2. Cleanse Face With Anti-Acne Cleansers: Choose anti-acne cleansers from Sooni and Tommi for the double cleansing. It removes the excess sebum and microbes, thus preventing any further infections.
  3. Exfoliation To Reduce Black Spots: Blackheads and acne come up due to clogged pores. Dead skin cells are the leading cause of clogging. We should use some good anti-acne exfoliator once every two weeks to prevent that. Exfoliators from Sooni and Tommi also help heal acne scars.
  4. Gentle Toner: Even though you have used a double cleanser and exfoliator, the toner is a must. It attracts dirt, closes the pores, and gives smooth skin. The K-beauty brands have many gentle toners. Visit Sooni and Tommi to grab one.
  5. Anti-Acne Essences: Many people skip the step, but it is essential to nourish the skin. It promotes youthful skin by fighting against all symptoms of aging. It provides an even skin tone by healing the black spots. You can try essences that control sebum or oil production. Buy the Korean snail-based essences from Sooni and Tommi for better results.
  6. Fight Acne With Nourishing Serums: In a general Korean skin care regimen, serums greatly hydrate the skin and prevent sagging. When it comes to acne skin care plans, it’s again the most essential. Acne-prone skin may look dull and dry. So, get an excellent hydrating serum to regain your soft and supple skin. Vitamin V and salicylic acid serums are the best for pimple-prone skin.
  7. Ampoules To Prevent And Heal Scars: As the pimples heal with the Korean skincare regimen, the ampoules help to regain the blemish-free and brighter skin. Some dermatologists prefer to apply the ampoule after the toner and before the serums and essences. Try vitamin C based ampoules. Innisfree ampoules are also suitable for acne-prone skin.
  8. Soothing Moisturizers: You should be careful when choosing moisturizers for acne-prone skin. Some store brought creams are heavy on the face and can clog pores. And so, it is good to go for gel-based moisturizers. Instead of tubs, moisturizers with pumps are better as they prevent infections from spreading.
  9. Spot Treatments: The acne correction patches and gels for pimples are beneficial. The quick healing patches help to prevent the formation of scars. Sooni and Tommi have many acne products that can help in preventing scar formation. If you follow the Korean skincare regimen for pimples, you will never have to worry about blemishes. If you have acne scars and want tips to cure them, click the link.
  10. Anti-Acne Masks: Generally, clay and charcoal masks are very good for healing acne and giving you clear skin. It also prevents future breakouts. Applying a mask weekly once is enough to get clear skin. You can also try the aloe mask sheets, as the salicylic acid can quickly heal acne-prone skin.
  11. Protection From The Sun: When you follow the above steps, you will heal, prevent acne, and get clear skin. The one thing you may have missed is the impact of the sun’s harmful rays. The sun’s rays can also trigger acne. So, whenever you venture out, use good sunscreen for better protection. To know more about the sunscreens from Sooni and Tommi, visit our blog.


The skincare regimen is enough to improve your skin quality. But remember, many other factors can cause acne. So, identifying the root cause and eradicating it is also a must. Diet, dandruff, and hormone imbalance can also trigger acne. Check them out or consult a good dermatologist if acne persists. The tips from Sooni and Tommi are of great help. Follow us for updates and information on Korean skin care.