5 Factors That Say Vitamin C Is The Best For Skincare


Researchers claim that vitamin C plays a significant role in strengthening the skin barrier. It protects the epidermal layer from letting in harmful pollutants. Similarly, it strengthens the dermal layer by boosting hydration and collagen synthesis. When you consume Vitamin C-rich foods, your skin will remain radiant and healthy. Besides diet, trying the topical Vitamin C creams and gels from Sooni and Tommi would give the best results. Let’s see how Vitamin C on the skin helps prevent aging signs:

  1. Provides Deep Hydration: Firstly, the main benefit of Vitamin C is hydration. The intake of the vitamin keeps your whole body hydrated. The antioxidant Vitamin C is often used to fight the signs of skin aging. Mostly, we use Vitamin C as ascorbic acid in skin care. It penetrates deeply and hydrates the skin in seconds. You can use the Vitamin C serums or masks from Sooni and Tommi to get instant hydration. As Vitamin C improves the barrier, the skin retains moisture and keeps you hydrated all day. Hydrated skin will remain healthy.
  2. Better Collagen – Say No To Wrinkles: The miracle Vitamin C is not just an immune booster; it helps collagen synthesis during wound healing. Collagen strengthens your skin and prevents wrinkles and sagging. But as we age, our body loses collagen. Vitamin C helps in the maintenance, synthesis, and absorption of collagen. It protects the skin from oxidative damage and improves skin elasticity. After weight loss, the skin should shrink back to its natural state. But if you don’t have enough collagen, you will have wrinkles. To avoid this, try collagen and vitamin C gels and creams.
  3. Even Skin Tone – Say No To Hyperpigmentation: The sun-induced pigmentation is the primary cause of uneven skin tone. Vitamin C-based skin care products reduce dark patches and give you radiant and even-toned skin. You can try the Pure Vitamin C glow serum from Sooni and Tommi. The serum is easy to apply, exhibits quick results, and has zero side effects. It effectively clears melasma and pigmentation by rejuvenating the skin. The serum clears the dead cells and blemishes in fewer days. Once you remove the pigmentation, don’t forget to use the best sunscreens.
  4. Protects And Heals From Sun Damage: Whitening serums like Retinol and hydroxy acids have a significant drawback. They affect your skin badly when you venture out in the sun. But with vitamin C, there is no scare of sunburn or rapid aging due to the sun’s harmful rays. The vitamin is a powerful antioxidant, so it can easily fight against UV rays. You can effectively combine Vitamin C serum and sunscreens to provide sun protection. If you already have sun-damaged skin, Sooni and Tommi have some tips to clear the pigmentation.
  5. Safe For Skin Care | Vitamin C From Sooni And Tommi: Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant with no side effects. We have used it for ages in skin care as citrus peels, lemon juice, etc. All the Korean skincare products of Sooni and Tommi are highly safe. Vitamin C serums and creams are even safer as they suit all skin types and weather changes. Hence you never need to worry about Vitamin C-based skincare products. It clears all signs of aging on your skin and gives you a youthful glow. Additionally, Vitamin C replenishes the vitamin E in the skin and is not carcinogenic. So you can safely try the products.

Finally, we understand that Vitamin C is a potent ingredient in skincare. Adding it to your regular skincare regimen will give your more benefits. Visit Sooni and Tommi now to order your products at the best price. Follow our blogs to get the latest updates about Korean skin care products.

Note: Despite the changing environment and new skincare discoveries, vitamin C still ranks top. So, please take advantage of this miracle product.