Are you determined to get beautiful dewy skin in 2023? Korean skincare is the best side-effect-free skin solution for common skin concerns. Here we shall see how to get a beautiful face in 6 months.

What Is Korean Skin Care?
A proper Korean skin care regimen lets you maintain the face’s natural ecosystem. The Korean beauty product uses harmless ingredients but provides quick results. It gives you flawless glassy skin using natural products.

Is Korean Skin Care Better Than American Skin Care?
American skincare is keen on giving you healthy and perfect skin. Korean skincare also has the same intention. But the difference is K-Beauty uses gentler ingredients to get flawless skin. They care more about the side effects and avoid them. Even after you stop using the products, you will have healthy and younger skin. The results are permanent and long-lasting.

10-Step Skin Care Routine
There are many Korean skincare regimens, but the 10-step is the best. Sooni and Tommi have all the genuine Korean skin care products. You can buy them and start your groundwork for future flawless skin. We shall see about the 10-step Korean face care regimen in detail.
  1. Remove Makeup Using A Korean Oil-Based cleanser: First, remove the excess sebum and makeup from your skin. An excellent oil-based cleanser helps clean all the extra oil on your face and gives you clean skin. Sooni and Tommi suggest SK-II facial treatment cleansing oil.
  2. Water-Based Cleanser From Korean Skin Care: Please avoid skipping the first step and use a water cleanser directly. Even if you are not using makeup, you need an oil-based cleanser to remove any excess oil clogging the pores. Sooni and Tommi’s Innisfree blueberry rebalancing cleansing water clears off all the dirt.
  3. Korean Exfoliator: Removing the dead cells on the face unclogs pores and rejuvenates the skin. Peeling gels, scrubs, and exfoliating face wash are available for exfoliation. Sooni and Tommi have the world’s best K-beauty exfoliators. Try the Ye Dam Yun Bit Complete Snail anti-aging recover hue peeling gel for best results.
  4. Prepare Your Face With A Toner: Once the cleansing routine is over, prepare your skin for the next steps. Before applying any other creams, protect your skin with a toner. Avoid alcohol-based K-Beauty toners. A good toner will help you shrink the pores and hydrate the skin. Dr. Jart+ Teatreement toner or the Cicpair facial calming mist are excellent toners from Sooni and Tommi.
  5. Korean Essence For Nourishment: The unique part of a Korean skincare routine is the essence. It hydrates the skin and reduces wrinkles and pigmentation. Moisturize and have a healthy, plump face now with the help of Blumei 24K gold signature essence. It is essential to add some essence to your daily face care for good hydration and nourishment. Don’t miss the step.
  6. Skin Treatments From K-Beauty: Now is the time to use all remedies for your skin issues. If you have wrinkles go for the charm zone deage red addition set. Similarly, buy the corresponding treatment packs and ampoules to heal skin issues. Sooni and Tommi have products for every skin concern. Use them as per the instructions for better results.
  7. Korean Face Sheet Masks: People say the skin will look brighter if you have a sheet mask before makeup. It’s good to incorporate an excellent brightening face sheet in the daily face care regimen. Tonymoly face masks are fantastic. Visit Sooni and Tommi to check the different types of sheets available.
  8. Korean Eye Care Cream: The blue light affects the sensitive skin around the eyes. Even young girls have crow’s feet and dark circles. It’s a must to care for your eyes daily. Clean your eyes once a week with rose water. Why not try Sonni and Tommi’s best-selling eye cream?. Also visit our blog for more eye care beauty tips.
  9. K-Beauty Moisturizer: Wait until your skin absorbs the eye cream, and also get some time for the face nourishments to enter the skin. Now use a good quality moisturizer on the face. Choose a Korean moisturizer based on your skin type. Gently rub it into the skin and pat it for better absorption.
  10. Korean Sun Care: The final step is sun protection. Wear mild sunscreen even if you are staying indoors. You can also go for makeup products with sun protection. The higher the SPF, the better the skin. Sunburns take a long time to heal, so follow this step without fail. Visit now to learn about protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

The 10-step skincare routine from Sooni and Tommi is the best. If you look forward to having a flawless face in 2023, try the products now. Follow the regimen regularly for quick and better results. Follow us to get more updates on Korean skin care.